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In the game you are left to manage one of four competing airlines, Sunshine Airways, Falcon Lines, Phoenix Travel, and Honey Airlines.

You start each day at a meeting in the Airport mangers office where he goes over how each airline is performing. After each meeting, gameplay consists of:

  • Setting your planes flight paths.
  • Upgrading, maintaining and purchasing new or second hand planes.
  • Purchasing stocks from rival airlines and selling them at a later time when the stock price has risen.
  • Sabotaging other airlines planes.
  • Setting varying levels of security for your airplanes.
  • Hiring different types of personnel and advisers (for example, a fitness adviser will make your character run faster, a personnel adviser will let you know who is best to hire).
  • Designing your own planes, so that they can do what you specifically want (for example, carry more passengers/cargo but not be able to travel as far or be able to travel to far away countries with fewer passengers).


Playable Characters

The Game features 4 playable characters, each associated with an different airline and color:

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  • Tina Cortez from Sunshine Airways (Blue)
  • Siggi Sorglos from Falcon Lines (Green)
  • Igor Tuppolevsky from Phoenix Travel (Red)
  • Mario Zucchero from Honey Airlines (Yellow)

Each character has a specific office in the airport which is decorated in their airlines color, with small items that give a hint as to the characters personality.

Non-Playable Characters

The Game features a large number of NPCs, most of which run different types of stores that can be used throughout the game. Some include:

  • The Airport manager, who holds meetings in his office at the start of every day. His main purpose is to let you know how your airline is going comparatively to the other airlines. Further into the game you are able to request extensions to the airport, which if he agrees are required, can be bet on, as the extensions ultimately designated to a single airline.
  • Mr Schlauberger, who runs the airport museum. He sells second hand planes, and will buy your old planes off you.
  • Rick, who owns Rick's Cafe. He will let you in on rumors and insider information.

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