AirMech from Carbon Games - Chrome Web Store - public Alpha now!

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I tried this game at PAX last year and had a fun time with it, so I think I will partake in this.

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The GB guys just mentioned it having played it at PAX today. So this is the first I've heard of it so I'm off to try it out! :)

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@buckybit said:

... again - it is for FREE.


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I played a round against an AI and maybe it's cooler against real people but it felt like a game of attrition to me. I was constantly just spamming troops and turrets and didn't see a lot of involved strategy. I only played one game though - but it didn't spur me on to keep playing.

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I think it looks really good, will defo check it out! :)

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what server are most people playing on? because the UK one is dead :L

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