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In Airport Simulator 2014, players have control of the eight-gate Waltsburg Airport. They must direct arriving planes to open gates, and then ensure the many airport vehicles (such as stair trucks, baggage handlers, cleaning vans) service the plane in time for it to leave. Initially all service vehicles must be driven by the player, but profits can be used to upgrade 'helpers' at each gate that perform those tasks instead. Despite the title, only the ground service vehicles and airplane movements are simulated in the game; internal workings, buildings and arrival/departure schedules are either not present or in only the most simplified form.

The game ends when all helpers at all gates have been purchased, and the airport is entirely automated.


The game takes place at a single airport, with two runways (dedicated to either arrivals or departures) and eight gates for planes to park. Planes arrive automatically at a fairly regular schedule as long as there is room for them.

Once a plane arrives at a gate, vehicles must be sent to it in the correct sequence and correct location. There are twelve vehicles in total, but only those required at any given time can be selected, with the game indicating where they must go. Although there are several variations of passenger planes, all have an identical sequence, with only a large cargo aircraft differing at all. As an example, the Repairs Truck is never needed until the Maintenance Van has finished its inspection, but will also always be required, and all passenger aircraft use both a staircar and a jetway tunnel although they perform the same purpose. Small amounts of money are earned by getting each vehicle to its correct location before a time limit, with money lost for each second a vehicle is late. A much more substantial bonus is rewarded when a plane departs the airport.

Initially, the player must manually drive all the vehicles at all gates and only has access to one vehicle of each type. Profits can be used to hire "helpers", which automate the driving of vehicles, summoning from a separate fleet inside a (non-enterable) garage. There are three levels of helpers, with the only difference being the driving speed, but even the lowest level will arrive within the time limit unless blocked by the player. Once upgraded, players can no longer drive or take over automated vehicles. Each vehicle at each gate requires a separate helper.


Along with the various vehicles that can be automated, the player has access to an inspection van that can be used for looking around the airport in closer detail than otherwise possible, which is available at any time. A cargo vehicle is also occasionally required for some planes, which also can't be directly automated; excluding steering, it is the only vehicle with any animation.

Cost shown is for the lowest level helper; costs double for each level after. Thus, the player needs $672,000 to entirely automate a single gate (approximately ten departures worth) and needs to earn $5,376,000 to finish the game. With the exception of the unautomated Taxi, vehicles simply need to be parked in their correct spot and perform their task with no further action from the player, and any work performed is shown only by a completion timer.

The Taxi is somewhat of a special case; when not automated, players must manually push planes away from the terminal towards the taxiway (a difficult endeavour due to the game's physics). Once automated the planes simply drive themselves there, instead of the game AI using the Taxi vehicle to perform the task indirectly.

VehicleHelper Cost ($)Use
Maintenance Van5000Inspect aircraft for damage
Repairs Truck4500Repair aircraft damage
Stair Truck9400Passenger loading/unloading
Bus12000Shutle passengers between the plane and terminal; required twice for each flight (once in each direction)
Tunnel4000Passenger loading/unloading
External Cleaning Truck8000External cleaning
Luggage Truck14000Transfer luggage between the plane and terminal; required twice for each flight (once in each direction)
Internal Cleaning Van7500Internal cleaning
Fuel Truck12000Refueling before departure
Catering Truck7900Catering
"Taxi"11700Push planes away from the terminal to the taxiway

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