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    Aisha is a hip hop superstar in the Saints Row series. She has ties to the 3rd Street Saints and dates Johnny Gat.

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    Aisha is a hip-hop/R&B artist and local Stilwater celebrity. Over the course of the series, she had become involved in Stilwater's notorious gang; having had a recording contract with Kingdom Come Records, owned by Vice Kings leader Benjamin King, and having major ties with the 3rd Street Saints; even being romantically involved with own of their murderous lieutenants, Johnny Gat.

    Saints Row

    Aisha is seen as a successful hip-hop artist, contracted to a record label fronted by the Vice Kings. By the time of the game's storyline, however, she wants out of her contract, claiming instances of extortion and manipulation by the label. She asks Johnny Gat for help, who plans to fake her death with a car bomb. She is, at this point, presumed dead by the public and her label.

    As an unlockable, players can hear a few songs put out by Aisha.

    Saints Row 2

    Aisha is now living in hiding within Stilwater's suburbs with Johnny Gat. She continues to release albums, under the guise of somehow having finished them all before her "death", with the public unaware of her deceit. After Johnny, the Boss, and new Saints lieutenant Pierce rob a casino owned by the Ronin, a new gang, they use the house as means to hide the money. Despite having laundered the money, the Ronin track down the house. They take Aisha hostage inside, and her throat is slit by Jyunichi when she tries to warn Johnny and the Boss of their trap. Her actual murder brings her back into the spotlight, as well as revealing the truth about her original false death.

    Saints Row IV

    Aisha makes a cameo in SR4 during Johnny Gat's rescue stage. Here, we see that Johnny has been forced to relieve watching her death over and over, but when the Boss finally arrives to intervene, the virtual Aisha is 'saved' and Johnny is allowed to escape the simulation. Her face appears on the wall of fallen Saints, alongside Carlos and Lin, inside the church in Benjamin King's simulation.



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