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AJ Lee, made her WWE debut during the May 27, 2011 episode of Smackdown.

She made her video game debut in WWE 13 as DLC.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

AJ Lee applying the Black Widow submission.
AJ Lee applying the Black Widow submission.
  • Black Widow (Octopus Stretch)
  • Shining Wizard

Signature Moves

  • Corner Clothesline
  • Diving Crossbody
  • Hurricanrana
  • Kick Variations
    • Missile
    • Roundhouse
    • Spinning
  • Sleeper hold
  • Snapmare


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

  • WWE Diva's Champion
  • Slammy Award for Diva of the Year - 2012

Florida Championship Wrestling

  • FCW Divas Championship - 1 Time
  • Queen of FCW - 1 Time

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  • #48 of the best 50 female singles wrestlers - 2011
  • PWI Woman of the Year - 2012

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