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    Timmy Turner's best friend who attends Dimmsdale School with him.

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    A.J. is one of Timmy's circle of friends along with Chester and Elmer as they all attend at Dimmsdale School with him and he is the brains of all Timmy's friends.

    Unlike Timmy, A.J. is a academic and a straight A student who's good with every subject and won some science awards as he is considered Crocker's favourite student by giving him A's on his reports while he is manipulate with other students by giving F's, despite of that he is considered to be his enemy along his friend Timmy as Crocker is a easy target for him.

    Despite of being not popular at school, A.J. comes from a wealthy family while his parents are rich by living in a mansion and earn good fortunes while in some episodes A.J. is a gadgeteer genius for his inventions and even Timmy was at his house for dinner after the main course is to read books at the table to gain their smarts.

    First Appearance: The Big Problem

    He appeared in the game in: Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules


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