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    Akalabeth: World of Doom

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released 1980

    Akalabeth is an early fantasy roleplaying game with wire frame graphics and both first-person and top-down views. It was developed by Richard Garriot (a.k.a. Lord British) and is considered the precursor to the Ultima franchise.

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    An RPG that was originally written in BASIC for the Apple II. The game was developed by Richard Garriot during the summer of 1979 while he was a teenager working at ComputerLand in Clear Lake City, Texas. Copies were originally distributed by Garriot in plastic bags, before the rights were bought by California Pacific Computer in 1980.

    The original name was D&D28b, since it was based on Garriot's 28th game inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. It is considered "Ultima 0" and was included in the Ultima Collection in 1998.


    In 2010 Quantum Toast released a port of the game on the iPhone and iPad.

    In 2014 the game was re-released to work on modern operating systems for PC, Mac, and Linux on digital retailer

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