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    Akali, the Fist of Shadow

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    Akali is a ninja-like champion in the game League of Legends.

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    One of the characters added during pre-season one, Akali is a swift assassin competent at moving in and out of combat. Unlike most champions, Akali doesn't use mana to power her abilities. Instead, like a rogue from World of Warcraft, she uses a constantly replenishing energy bar that has a set maximum. Her available skins range from different colored ninja gear to a team Riot soccer outfit.


    Akali is part of a group of shadow warriors called the Kinkou, a group that upholds the balance between light and dark, chaos and order.

    Originating from the Ionian isles, Akali works with her fellow Kinkou warriors Shen and Kennen to preserve equilibrium in the world.

    As a child, Akali began training with her mother. Although the training was grueling, Akali was raised on the fundamental principle of "We do that which must be done". At the age of 14 she was inducted into the Kinkou, and later took over the role of Fist of the Shadow from her mother.


    Mark of the Assassin Active Ability (Q): Akali throws her kama toward her target, dealing magic damage to them and marking them. Upon hitting a marked target, additional magic damage is dealt, the mark is consumed, and energy is restored.
    Twilight Shroud Active Ability (W): Akali creates a smoke screen over an area that lasts for 8 seconds, cloaking her and giving her additional armor/magic resistance. Upon attacking or using abilities the stealth is broken for 0.5 seconds. Enemies inside the smoke screen will have their movement speed reduced for as long as they remain inside the area.
    Crescent Slash Active Ability (E): Akali spins around and attacks surrounding enemies with her kamas, dealing physical damage plus 30% Ability Power and 60% Attack Damage.
    Shadow Dance Active Ability (R): Akali dashes through the shadows to strike her target, dealing magic damage. Shadow Dance consumes one Essence of Shadow. These are slowly accumulated over time, up to a limit of 3, and one is awarded for a kill or assist.
    Passive: Akali's strikes deal 8% bonus magic damage on hit after she obtains 20 Ability Power. For ever 6 Ability Power she gains after this, she deals 1% more bonus magic damage. Akali's abilities also gain 8% spell vamp after she obtains 10 bonus Attack Damage. For every 6 bonus attack damage she gains after this, she gains 1% bonus spell vamp.


    StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
    Attack Damage533.2
    Attack Speed0.6943.1%
    Movement Speed3250
    Magic Resistance301.25
    Health Regen7.250.65
    Energy Regen500

    Akali costs 3150 Influence Points or 975 Riot Points and was added to the game on May 11, 2010.


    • Akali's dance is the same dance done by Beyonce in her music video for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."
    • One of Akali's available skins is a reference to the jumpsuit worn in the Kill Bill movies.
    • Many say Akali bears resemblance to Jade of the Mortal Kombat series.
    • Ten days after the earthquake in Japan, the "Nurse Akali" skin was put on sale for 50% off, with all proceeds being donated to the American Red Cross. This sale raised more than $160,000 for Japan.

    Patch Notes

    Patch Akali was added.

    Patch Twilight Shroud upgrade

    Patch Twin Disciplines upgrade, Shadow Dance downgrade, attack timing improved and several bugfixes.

    Patch Upgrade to Twilight Shroud and a bugfix.

    Patch Upgrade to Shadow Dance.

    Patch Downgrade to Twin Disciplines.

    Patch Bugfixes.

    Patch Upgrades to Shadow Dance.

    Patch Bugfixes.

    Patch Downgrade to Twin Disciplines.

    Patch Upgraded tool tips and bugfixes.

    Patch; Slight tweak to Twin Disciplines.

    Patch Slight change to Shadow Dance.

    Patch Slight change to Shadow Dance.

    Patch Tweaks to Twin Disciplines and Mark of the Assassin.


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