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    Akane Tendo

    Character » appears in 12 games

    Ranma's fiancée. Akane Tendo has a tendency where one minute she can be beautiful, kind, and graceful, and the next pouting, ill-tempered, and easily prone to beating Ranma to a pulp.

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    Akane Tendo is a major character in the anime and manga series Ranma 1/2. She is the daughter of martial artist Soun Tendo and the youngest of three sisters. Of the three, she is the only one that has taken up her father's martial arts training.

    Prior to the arrival of the Saotomes, Akane is sought after by the arrogant, popular, and incredibly foolhardy Tatewaki Kuno, who in a speech to the entire student body of Furinkan High School, declared that anyone wishing to date Akane must first defeat her in combat. This incident led to the absurdity of Akane being forced to fight her way through a crowd of suitors every morning before school, none of whom posed any actual threat. She also has a crush on the neighborhood physician Dr. Tofu, though he's oblivious to her feelings due to her youth as well as his own crush on Akane's oldest sister Kasumi.

    Akane's life is turned upside-down when her father informs her and her sisters that he had agreed many years ago to marry one of them off to Ranma Saotome, the son of Soun's old training partner Genma. Things don't go as planned, however, as when Ranma arrives, he turns out to be a she, and is accompanied by a giant panda.

    Akane and the female Ranma get along well at first, but when she later enters the bathroom while Ranma is bathing, and sees a boy climbing out of the bathtub, her attitude toward him turns hostile.

    That evening, after the extent of the curse Ranma and Genma suffer from is explained to the Tendos, it becomes time for Ranma to choose which of Soun's daughters he is to marry. The decision is made for him, however, when Kasumi and the middle sister Nabiki both insist Akane would be the best choice due to her preferring girls to boys.

    From that point on, Akane must live with the idea of Ranma as her fiance; something she has difficulty accepting, as she finds him alternately charming and aggravating.


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