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Akaneiro Demon Hunters had a successful Kickstarter to finish the game, ended 2 days ago. Free-to-play action RPG from American McGee and Spicy Horse, download it here. It's basically Red Riding Hood in Japan.

I'm really liking this! I don't play many dungeon crawlers, but the nice art is engaging. It's surprisingly pretty, I really wish there was a zoom function.

I defeated Ushi Oni, but can't go to the next area so I'll pretty much have to grind in the first area.

Purple Riding Hood. I'm guessing there'll be a red hood later on.


My one niggle is the enemy health bars take too much screen space and it becomes hard to target other enemies.

I like that there seems to be asynchronous co-op like Dark Souls, you can use other people's characters as AI companions.

I play the ninja class, but I would like some stealth attacks too. They even hint at it.

Anyone know what these groups mean?

I thought the game would feel less dark after Alice Madness Returns because of the isometric view and it being free2play, but nope lol.

These ghosts are everywhere in the village.

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