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    Akheva Ruins

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    The ruins of Ka Vethan, the once great capital of the Akhevan civilization, which lies in the twilight region of Luclin.

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    Entrance to the ruins from outside.
    Entrance to the ruins from outside.

    Akheva Ruins lies within the cliffs on the southern edge of the Maiden's Eye. It was once a great city for the shadows of Luclin, a race of malevolent, androgynous, four-armed beings known as the Akheva, who were granted life by the Maiden of Shadow. The city was called Ka Vethan and was built of gleaming white marble. Constructed in the twilight region of the moon, the once great city now lies in ruins following a civil war held between warring factions of the Akheva. When the Combine Empire arrived on the moon, they quickly began expanding and built various structures in all regions of Luclin. The reigning priestess of the Akheva, Akel Ha Ra, advised her subjects to not interfere in the affairs of these newcomers, and some even met with the Norrathians. Speaking the Common Tongue language of Norrath was thought to be below them. This caused dissension among some of the Akhevan people.

    The Itraer Vius
    The Itraer Vius

    It is said that a powerful Akhevan priestess named Aten Ha Ra rose to lead this faction in effort to dethrone Akel Ha Ra. Aten Ha Ra summoned a storm referred to as the Maiden's Scar, which demolished much of the area including the city itself. The storm ended the war, but there are those who still remain loyal to the now deceased Akel Ha Ra. The most notable of these devotees is Shei Vinitras. Some say those loyal to Akel Ha Ra hide here in fear of the new ruler, but many believe that they are simply biding their time to amass an army strong enough to seek vengeance on the storm caller. Aten Ha Ra now resides in the new citadel, Vex Thal, where she commands a legion of countless shadows more powerful that anything seen on the moon of Luclin.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Akhevans
    • Centis
    • Burrowers
    • Golems
    • Shades

    Notable NPCs

    • Atulinae`Vius
    • Shei Vinitras
    • The Insanity Crawler
    • The Itraer Vius
    • The Spirit of Akelha`Ra
    • The Va`Dyn

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