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    Akira Kazama

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    A character that appears in Capcom's Project Justice/Rival Schools fighting game series. She infiltrates a all-boys school posing as a biker to look for her missing big brother.

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    Rival Schools: United By Fate

    When her older brother Daigo goes missing, Akira transfers to Gedo High and passes herself off as Daigo's little brother by wearing a full set of biker gear. She enlists two of Daigo's closest subordinates, Eiji "Edge" Yamada and Gan Isurugi to help uncover his whereabouts. After eventually rescuing Daigo, Akira's true identity as his little sister is revealed to the boys who end up accepting her into their gang anyway despite her reluctance to join.

    Project Justice

    A year later, Akira has transferred to the girls-only school, Seijyun High. Although she initially had trouble making friends, she eventually found one in Yurika Kirishima. When Daigo reappears after a long bout of training, Akira senses that something is wrong with him and the two girls enlist the help of the ex gang leader Zaki to find out what. Unlike the first game Akira starts off without her biker disguise but can unlock it if certain story requirements are met.

    Street Fighter V: Chapion Edition

    Akira enjoying sweets with Ibuki, Sakura and Karin.
    Akira enjoying sweets with Ibuki, Sakura and Karin.

    Akira is invited to an all girls tea party at Karin Kanzuki's estate. After turning up dressed in her biker gear, she is spotted by Ibuki who mistakes her for a boy and attacks her. After the fight, Sakura arrives to clear things up and the two apologize to each other. Sakura and Akira begin to reminisce on how they met when Akira was searching for her brother which leads to a flashback of the pair fighting. After the flashback Sakura challenges Akira to another fight but Karin interrupts. Karin greets Akira and recognizes her as the sister of Daigo Kazama. Before the girls indulge in tea and sweets from the Delfone Bakery (which Karin now owns after Sakura's recommendation), Karin challenges Akira to a fight which she graciously accepts. After the fight, the girls end up on Karin's private beach joined by Hinata Wakaba and Tiffany Lords (as well as Daigo humorously buried under the sand). Sakura complements Akira on her swimming which leads her to reveal that someone taught her. Ibuki inquires if it was her boyfriend which she denies. Sakura then asks what they want to do next which leads to Karin challenging Akira again who reluctantly accepts after being encouraged by Ibuki and Sakura.


    "Kung-Fu Rider"

    Both forms of Akira in Project Justice
    Both forms of Akira in Project Justice

    Akira is a quiet and gentle girl who is very loyal to her brother Daigo. When posing as a boy she adopted a tougher and more intimidating presence to fit in with her Gedo High compatriots. A few characters, such as Raizo and Zaki, seem to notice her potential as a fighter is similar, if not greater, than her older brother. Although she sometimes has trouble making friends, she always wants what's best for them, as evidenced in Gan's ending were she encourages him to study more to gain the respect of those around him.


    Akira and her gang searching for Daigo
    Akira and her gang searching for Daigo
    • Due to being an orphan, Akira used to live with her older brother Daigo but as of Project Justice lives in the Seijyun dormitories.
    • She talented at Chinese martial arts and cooking.
    • Her fighting styles derive from both Taikyoku-ken and Tai-chi-chuan and some others but most notably those two.
    • She fares well in Japanese, social studies and English; but poorly in physical education and music.
    • She doesn't belong to any clubs.
    • She previously worked as a motorbike mechanic.
    • Akira's parents were friends with a man who owned a garage. This same man taught her how to repair bikes after her parents died.
    • She is a big fan of Mega Man.
    • She prefers racing bikes because the engines deteriorate slower.
    • Akira used to suffered from aquaphobia but by the events of Street Fighter V, she reveals that someone taught her how to swim.
    • She enjoys sweets such as chocolate cake and cheesecake.
    • When living with her brother she would take on the role of chef and prepare meals for both of them.
    • Akira loves cats but is unable to keep one due to living in an apartment.
    • She is voiced by Chiharu Tezuka.
    • Akira shares various similarities to Jun Kazama and Asuka Kazama from Namco's Tekken series due to their name and similar fighting styles.
    • Akira, as well as Batsu, was announced to appear in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars.
    • She appears in Felicia's ending in Capcom Fighting Evolution.
    • She has appeared as a card in both SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Heroes & Heralds mode.
    • Akira makes an appearance in the Japan-only social game Onimusha Soul.

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