Alan Wake may become a TV show. What are your thoughts?

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It's in development by Peter Calloway, the person who makes Cloak & Dagger and Legion. I don't watch either of those shows, and I'm not sure I've even heard of Cloak & Dagger, so I don't know if I should be excited or worried in that regard. Sam Lake will be executive producer. While I think it's neat that Alan Wake will be brought back in any form, I'm a little concerned that they're going to stick with a show and call it sufficient. I'm still hoping for an Alan Wake sequel. Although I really liked Remedy's Max Payne games, I thought Alan Wake was their best game and it's still a game I think about and sometimes play. Quantum Break was and is disappointing, but it's not terrible, and Control could be cool but we'll have to wait and see. Game portion aside is anyone excited to see Alan Wake jump onto the TV side? Their Bright Falls mini-series prior the Alan Wake's release was really cool I thought.

For more details, I'll post a link here.

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I'm all for it. Remedy has always had an obvious fascination with TV, and Quantum Break was such an interesting extension of that (I still haven't played it, but I mean conceptually), so it makes sense that they'd eventually explore doing something like this.

And honestly, while Alan Wake is fantastic, the gameplay was its weakest point. So what better for a non-interactive adaptation? I just wonder if the Wakeiverse (lol) isn't a bit too Twin Peaks to not feel like a knockoff once it's in the same medium.

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Can I have Alan Wake: The Show: The Game?

But yeah, I'm on board. Alan Wake is one of my favourite properties from the last gen.

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@shagge: Hmm, I thought Alan Wake's shooting felt great, and the way you used the flashlight as the crosshair was cool. I also loved exploring Bright Falls. The atmosphere was terrific. If it wasn't fun to play, it probably wouldn't resonate with me as much as it did. The thing about the gameplay I simultaneously like and dislike is Alan Wake's abysmal stamina. It's nice that it keeps it intense on hard when trying to escape the enemies, but it's unrealistic. Maybe Alan Wake is in a nightmare though which can explain it. I don't know, but I don't like it. And like all other Remedy games, the player animations are a bit stiff looking.

The story is great though and I like the characters a lot. Barry Wheeler is one of my favorite sidekick characters despite being intentionally annoying. I also just loved the soundtrack, original and licensed. It's highly doubtful that they'd do it now, but Alan Wake would be a great game to see enhanced on the X. And I agree, Alan Wake is heavily inspired by Twin Peaks, although they could lean more into its other inspirations to make it feel like an amalgam of other things. Either way, it'd be nice to see that atmosphere come to the screen in that way again.

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I was always into the idea of Alan Wake, but couldn't get far into the game due the gameplay, that didn't sit well with me. I love twin peaks so I'm all in for an AW TV show.

I picked the game up again on pc (super cheap) when it went away due to music licensing expiring I think. I may give it another shot, I still don't know the events of the story, so I can enjoy it fresh.

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I'd just like a full sequel to the game. I think an adaptation of that first game could work as a short mini-series, but from what I read in the linked article, I'm not really sure they know what they're doing. Apparently, they plan on making something that takes place before the events of the game?

"We can’t start the show off where he is fully functioning, running through the forest, taking down lumberjacks." - Tomas Harlan, a partner of Contradiction, the film studio involved.

Seeing how that stuff happens during his first night in Bright Falls, I guess that means this is going to start back in New York, where the only story is his writer's block and his failing marriage? None of the cast from Bright Falls would be involved at that point in the story, and seeing as he has yet to encounter the force in the lake at that point, there's nothing from the source material to write about, which I guess means there will just be a bunch of original content?

I guess the answer is always to just wait and see, but this article doesn't leave me with much confidence in the project.

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@ntm: I’m with you. Loved the story, atmosphere, gameplay, misic, etc. I played through Alan Wake, it’s DLC, and that standalone “arcade” game (man, that use of the word arcade feels weird, these days) several times.

In my mind, it’s the best thing Remedy has done by a mile.

As for a show...clearly, I love that game. I’d be picky about it. I’d want to see it get some real premium television TLC that is probably unwarranted. Hell, if it’s some sci-fi channel schlock, at least MAYBE it could help drive interest in a sequel.

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Always up for another Stephen King/Twin Peaks type mystery show.

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Sounds cool, hope they pull it off.

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I'm all in on this. Absolutely love the world of Alan Wake, it was one of my favourite games of the 360 generation. It might never get a true sequel, but this is a hell of a consolation prize. Maybe even better.

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Mmm, I kinda just want Remedy to keep making it. But if this is the only way to get more Alan Wake, then sure. One of my all time favs. I really enjoyed the first season of Legion and have't caught up on season two. Sam Lake being involved puts to rest at least some of my concern. The only remaining concern being whether he has enough say in actuality.

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I think it would make a better show than it did a game, to be honest. There just wasn't enough to the game for it to stay interesting for very long, and I really didn't care for the direction the story went towards the end. Granted, I never played that DLC that supposedly wrapped things up more neatly, but even besides that, I felt it went from being incredibly moody, atmospheric, and immersive to a little too surreal and weird to maintain that atmosphere in the last act. As a TV show, I would think all the themes and storytelling would fit perfectly in that format. It might be able to find a more clear direction, too.

One thing is for sure, I definitely want Sam Lake to write it, or at least be heavily involved in some capacity. I also want the TV show version of the character to be obsessed with collecting thermoses and to randomly grab them in the middle of whatever else he's doing.

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I would rather they put their efforts into a sequel instead of a TV show that will either not get made or won't last more than a season.

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It wasn't a really great game, so maybe it will be a better TV show.

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Could be a pretty cool show if done right. The story/setting definitely lend itself to TV show format.

I'd still like a proper sequel too though.

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I loved the story, characters and setting of Alan Wake. The gameplay not as much, though it was certainly serviceable. I would absolutly watch a TV show, even if it was just a retelling of the game. That may even be better than an original story.

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Alan Wake should become another video game. In lieu of that...sure, why not

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I really enjoyed Alan Wake. If I can’t have a sequel then I’ll take a tv show.

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Didn't they make a sequel? American Mcgee's Alan Wake 2 or something? I didn't think it was what I was looking for in a game...

But that story from the first. One of the few gaming plots I remember. The wife, Mr. Scratch, the lady with the log, "In Dreams" playing during the end. So good. But I'm so suspicious of a continuation story being as good....

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Isn't Alan Wake basically a television show, but with gameplay attached? Totally down for it.

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@valjean9430: No, Alan Wake's American Nightmare was a spin-off. Also, you're mixing up the title of that game with American McGee's Alice.

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Awesome! If the series catches the mood of the gameit will be perfect.

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If they're using the ideas they had for a sequel for the show, that makes it seem unlikely we'll ever get a sequel in game form. But I'm all for it. I loved the first game, but that was more for the story and less the actual gameplay. And if we can at least get some type of ending with the show, that is good enough for me.

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@ntm: American Nightmare was so bad. While I thought the more arcade-y shooting was somewhat of an improvement over the sluggish and at times infuriating survival horror combat of the original, the writing was god awful and I don't know who at Remedy thought that having to replay the same scenarios multiple times was a solid idea.

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Alan Wake TV show....IDK that sounds kinda awful. I barely put up with the story and concept from the game. I cant see watching a show about it. The goofy tv shows you could watch in game had better plots, and were far more interesting then the game was lol. Quantum Suicide was pretty great! Can they do the show on that instead?

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Those mini-episodes they released before the first game came out got me so hyped for the game, and I ended up loving it, so yes. Please give me this.

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Remember when they made Max Payne, the movie?

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Alan Wake has a solid premise. I think a tv show based on it would be great.

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