Should I buy this?

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This is my first forum post so please dont hate on me too much.

I have recently bought an xbox about 3 months ago and I have been decided wether to pick this game up or not, im not really into the horror genre like Dead Space, those games look pretty cool and I would really like to play them but honestly I get too freaked out and end up just watching Lets plays on youtube, so that is my biggest question, am I gonna be jump scared?. I like the whole Light gameplay mechanic and it seems like a really cool game.

I can give you an example of games I play so you can maybe compare: Hitman, Call of Duty, Left for dead, L.A Noire, Read Dead, Ghost Recon, Bulletstorm, Dishonored, Assassins Creed. I dont know if those games put me into the Hardcore gamer list or not but I wanna try this out, so what do you think of it?, any feedback would be nice, and sorry for making it so long.

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You definitely should. My only downside is that once it's over, you probably won't really want to play through it again unless you're big on collectibles. 
Also I wouldn't say it's scary, but it does have an eerie atmosphere and very rarely (for me at least) enemies will startle you. As the box states it's a Psychological  Action Thriller, so it's quite suspenseful. 

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It's not really a horror game, it's more spooky and atmospheric. I really liked, and while the combat isn't the greatest it's still enjoyable. And if you like collectibles this game has em, seriously though it's a pretty good game and you can probably get cheap now.

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i got a free copy recently that's sitting around, played it on release and was bored quickly so got rid of it. someone "sell it" for us. all i can remember is that it is slow paced with limited shooting.

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You definietly need too play this game. It has a fantastic atmosphere, and a story that`s pretty interesting all the way until the end. I completed Alan Wake 3 times and S ranked it, so my opinion might be a little bias :P

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Alan Wake is the shit. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed.

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I think you should buy it. One of my favorite games this generation, it has many issues but what it does right is really great.

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It is my favorite 360 game. It is more of a thriller then a horror game. There are shadow hillbillies that are kinda creepy at first but by the end of the game you see them so much that it ceases to be scary. It can be tense but I don't remember any real jump scares, mostly because right before you get hit the camera will go into slow-motion ala Pac-Man Championship Edition so that you have the chance to dodge. The story is one of the best in video games. The game is really more similar to Heavy Rain then anything else. Maybe check out the quick look (they don't spoil any story bits and the game play is very early on). If it doesn't look too scary to you then you should be fine with the rest of the game. 

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Yes, it's a very special game. The shooting is solid, but the combat gets stretched a bit too thin with so few enemy types. Story and atmosphere make up for it though. I'd also recommend watching Twin Peaks beforehand for further appreciation.

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Yep fantastic game and story.

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I did not find Alan Wake to be all that scary. Intense sometimes, but not really scary. 
You should be fine.

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It's very well made, the story is good and it's fun to play. I have a hard time thinking of anything bad to say about Alan Wake. This has been said a million times, but it feels very much like a Stephen King book, in the best possible way. Just buy it. Based on the games you said you like, I can't imagine you wouldn't like it.

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@bearklaw19: Definitely play it. Great atmosphere and some really pretty visuals. Combat is fun as hell, if slightly samey after a time.

I wish the writing was a bit better, but the story is ambitious and "reads" very much like Stephen King...just not great Stephen King.

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Yes and also buy some Energizer batteries while you are there.

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One of the 360's best games, hands down, plus it's beautiful. It's just different on every level. Don't get too excited about American Nightmare, the spin off game. Worst backtracking I've ever experienced in a game.

It's not supposed to be scary at all. When you see people saying they weren't scared, that's because... it's not. It's a psychological thriller.

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