Will you be returning to bright falls for the DLC?

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#1 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1811 posts) -

I really enjoyed Alan Wake, and am planning to tear into the coming DLC. Will you be doing likewise?

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#2 Posted by SoothsayerGB (1500 posts) -

Nope.  Not paying for something, when others get it for free.  I payed for my copy.  But apparently that's not good enough. 

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#3 Posted by Jethuty (1052 posts) -

Yes, because its free....

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#4 Posted by MancombSeepgood (404 posts) -

Yup. Cannot wait. I'm avoiding the quick look so that it is all new to me :D

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#5 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1811 posts) -
@Jethuty: Will you be getting the second one since it won't be free?
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#6 Posted by pbhawks45 (819 posts) -

It's really shady how the game ended so abruptly, and these 2 DLC packs are released one month after it came out.

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#7 Posted by Zereta (1521 posts) -

Hell yes, any reason for me to go back.

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#8 Posted by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

Yes. I enjoy everything about Alan Wake. I'm a little afraid that the DLC will fall into the not do good category, but at least the first one is free.

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#9 Posted by AthleticShark (1389 posts) -

Yes I will. I am upset that it is free for everyone that bought any version of the game new. Here I paid 80 bucks for the LE, getting a code for the DLC, yet I am not even able to get it early. They really fucked that up for us collectors who put out extra money.

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#10 Posted by ISuperGamerI (1972 posts) -
@WalkerTR77 said:
" I really enjoyed Alan Wake, and am planning to tear into the coming DLC. Will you be doing likewise? "
Hell yeah I loved the game and played it non-stop until I beat the campaign. I also bought the CE so it should say something.
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#11 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -


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#12 Posted by HandsomeDead (11853 posts) -

Fuck yeah.

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#13 Posted by CharkeeFarlee (943 posts) -

Yes :) I get it free too.

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#14 Posted by Jeust (11739 posts) -

Yep! Signal here i come! :P

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#15 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Can't wait.

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#16 Posted by mau64 (586 posts) -

Definitely not. I even got access to it early and never redeemed it. I know many really enjoyed this game but I really couldn't get into it.

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#17 Posted by Doomsayer (44 posts) -

Most definitely. I absolutely loved Alan Wake, and I'm curious where the DLC will take the story.

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#18 Posted by Remedy25 (142 posts) -

I'd totally forgotten I had the code for the new DLC...I really like when games developers add extra nudgets for those that buy their games. I've been re-playing my old games to catching all those achievements I missed and because I can't afford a new game (not that their is anything AMAZING out atm) and erm...now I have new content to play courtesy of Remedy...but I still have to complete Alan Wake on nightmare which I'm doing. 
Is this true? I heard on the Joystiq podcast that the batteries you pickup are no longer energiser batteries and seemingly don't last as long.

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#19 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1811 posts) -
@Remedy25: Nightmare wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, as long as you leg it constantly.
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#20 Posted by stoppre (65 posts) -

Don't really see a need to. But if it's free i will probably play it eventually. Didn't dig the game all that much. 

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#21 Posted by LeBart (307 posts) -

I just hope they don't ruin the amazing cliffhanger they had at the end of the game.

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#22 Posted by Burns098356GX (1368 posts) -

I'll get it because its free. I like the idea of a free DLC with a new copy. Consumer gets a free DLC, developer gets their money.

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#23 Posted by Icemael (6861 posts) -

Hell yes. The Signal seems just as good as season one, and season one was great.

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#24 Posted by Fjordson (2568 posts) -

I'm playing it right now. About 45 minutes in and it's fantastic.
I'll be eager to play any paid DLC as well. I love this game.

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#25 Posted by CarpetRemnant (392 posts) -
@SoothsayerGB: well if you got it preowned then you didn't pay the developers so why should they give you something they've spent time making for free if they haven't got anything in return? 
Cutting off your nose to spite your face much. 
But hey, don't let this spoil our burgeoning friendship, you have an Asterix avatar and I like that. Who is your favourite? I like Obelix but they're all funny really.

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