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    Alan Wake

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released May 14, 2010

    When famous novelist Alan Wake goes on vacation with his wife Alice, he has no idea that the idyllic town of Bright Falls will soon be the site of a terrible battle between light and dark that could threaten everything, even Wake's own sanity.

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    After five years in the making, it's time to wake up 1

    A successful, Stephen King-inspired horror novelist, whose dressing style features a suit-jacket with leather elbow pads, isn’t someone you’d expect to be an action hero. However, the titular protagonist of Remedy’s long awaited psychological action thriller, Alan Wake, is surprisingly adept at wielding all manner of powerful firearms. Maybe it should have been expected given Remedy’s pedigree for cinematic action with the brilliant Max Payne, but since Alan Wake’s announcement back in 20...

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    Fright Train to Awesometown 2

    The roof is on fire, gonna burn it to the ground!    I have been on a quest for a really good story driven suspense or horror themed game for a long, long time. Resident Evil 5 was alright, but it didn't have that creepy atmosphere and the story was throw away.  Alone in the Dark had some great ideas and music but the gameplay was simply broken. Heavy Rain seemed to have a lot of promise and it was fun but was hit and miss in both  gameplay and story. And who at Giant Bomb has not played...

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    Hey Alan, You awake? 0

       Okay lets be honest, when Alan Wake launched on May 18th some of us went to the left and purchased this game on day one while a lot of us (Including myself) went to the right and got our itchy hands on Red Dead Redemption. Now personally, I don't regret my choice of saddling up in RDR first and lassoing me up some bad guys, but that doesn't mean that Alan doesn't have more than a few energizer batteries up his suit-jacket sleeves...I mean the guy has a Verizon wireless phon...

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    Worst Writers Block Ever 0

      A lot of times nowadays, plot is an afterthought when it comes to making games. It's more about explosions, big guns, and an endless swarm of enemies to mow down. What would happen though if you had a writer as your main character and the plot was the entire premise of the game? You would probably have something along the lines of Remedy Entertainment's newest Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake . Alan Wake follows the title character through his mundane life as he struggles with a horrible case of...

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    A Fight for the Light 1

     The term “atmosphere” is used frequently when describing a game’s environment or mood. By definition – or at least relevant definition – atmosphere is “any surrounding or pervasive element or influence,” and Remedy Entertainment’s new third-person action/thriller Alan Wake more often than not succeeds in enveloping you with a sense of perpetual tension that is so needed in the horror genre.   Structured similarly to a television show, each ‘episode’ of Alan Wake will last a lengthy 1-2 hours....

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    Don't need a flashlight to see what this game really is. 0

    Alan Wake has been in development for more then 5 years now and the game final hits shelves. This psychological horror thrill game will bring shivers down your spine, with great twist, fantastic game play, groundbreaking sound and a beautiful environment. Everything about this game feels so right.   Main Story ---You play a bestselling writer name Alan Wake, who has just ended his best selling novel, series. Unfortunately Alan is having a bit of a writers block for the past 3 years. His wife, Al...

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    Rural Evil 4 0

    I don’t know what to make of Alan Wake as a novelist. His writings, while fairly manageable to comprehend, seem indescript, ridden with clichés. I have a feeling that my former Creative Writing teacher would probably rip the pretentious drunk to shreds if he ever took a glance at his works. However, the game does make allusions to a series of “Alex Casey” books starring a presumably dashing male lead hero. This suggests that Alan Wake is intended to be a straight-to-drugstore novelist, the Dan B...

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    Erittäin hyvä 1

    Erittäin hyvä is of course Finnish and it is means very good. Yes, this review is partly biased because I happen to speak Finnish and Remedy are a Finnish company. Alan Wake get's described as Psychological Thriller. The thriller part is of course more suitable for movie or tv-show normally but it is actually a suitable description. As with Remedy's previous Max Payne games Alan Wake has lot of weight on story telling. Simply put Alan Wake is writer who is suffering from writers block. He...

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    Alan Wake's Remedy 0

    Finally after over 6 Years of development, Alan Wake is out. Was it worth the wait or should Alan have stayed asleep?It’s the way the story is told that makes Alan Wake a great game. It’s a unique way of telling a story in a game. While you play you can often hear Alan Narrating like he’s reading from a book about what’s happening around him. This of course wouldn’t work if the Voice work wasn’t as good as it is. Alan especially is really convincing when all this crazy stuff is happening around ...

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    Lights out 0

    Alan Wake has captivated gamer's minds for five years now. It seems like whenever new information is released about Wake, it actively contradicts the last bits of information. Initial impressions suggested a survival-horror game with an open world similar to the GTA series. Some thought it would have a persistent world with its own weather system and day and night changes in real time. Today, the answer to what Alan Wake is has become much clearer--a linear action game with an emphasis in story-...

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    Waking up a monster of a game. 1

    At a time when shooting terrorists or killing dragons to save the world is standard, Remedy and Microsoft throw us a curveball designed to test our views on what is reality and what is fiction.  Alan Wake is set in the remote town of Bright Falls, en eerie community with a dark a turbulent past.  The main character, Alan, and his wife Alice are visting the town in order to get some much need R&R for Alan, who is suffering from a two year case of writer's block.  Upon entering the town, Alan ...

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    Short,but sweet 3

    Read it here pleaseAlan Wake was supposed to be a 360 exclusive that would shame PS3 titles with its graphics and original ideas, and if it came out before Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and God of War it could of easily do it! But i won’t go in any console war bullshit, but tell you that Alan Wake is an excellent game in itself. The story is paranormal, and it draws inspiration from the novels of Steven King and many TV shows off the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. You are Alan Wake, a writer that ha...

    8 out of 13 found this review helpful.

    Nyctophobia 0

    Welcome to Bright Falls.Cue a sleepy logging town. Darkness and fog settle amongst the lush forests and the only light available comes from the stars which pierce the void, only barely. A middle aged man comes thrashing through the woods armed with a flashlight and a pistol. The danger literally surrounds him.  The setting for Alan Wake is the aforementioned town, Bright Falls and playing this action based psychological thriller will see you doing plenty of running and stumbling. As with most g...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Alan Wake reminds us Video Games can be intelligent 0

    If there is no other word to accurately describe Alan Wake, it would be overwhelming. Alright, I suppose the word would depend on the person playing, but nevertheless Alan Wake boasts an incredibly atmospheric and absorbing story that sucks you in. It truly does overwhelm you, taking you further into the woods than most gamers would probably ever want to go.You play Alan Wake; a famous horror novelist cursed with writers block. In order to clear your head you pull a Stephen King and head to Brig...

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    Review--Alan Wake 0

         After waiting so long for the release of Alan Wake, I was expecting the game to end in disappointment, but thankfully it ended up being the total opposite.  The story in Alan Wake is a great example of how psychological thrillers should be told.  It does a great job of keeping the player in the dark just enough to keep you interested.  The ending to each chapter was simply amazing.  I had a hard time taking breaks between chapters because the cliffhangers presented at the end of each chapte...

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    Great, but gets dull 0

    Darkness can take on many different forms, weather it be in reality the darkness that can consume you or the psychological take that Alan Wake puts on it. Alan Wake is not your badass dude who is used to things attacking him, or him even using a gun. - Alan Wake is a writer from New York,who goes on vacation with his wife to get away and relax, but some weird stuff starts to happen. He wakes up a week after he arrives, in his crashed car, in the middle of he woods. He soon finds the cover page t...

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    On Alan Wake 0

    Anytime Steam rolls out one of its amazing sales on video games, like many people, I browse through and pick up way more than I need. And why not? If you can pick up a title for an incredible 90% off, you would be crazy not to buy it, right? Well, I know I’m not the only one who does this. Spending habits notwithstanding, one such game that I found at this price level was the collection of action/horror games featuring fictional writer, Alan Wake.I did not know much about the game other t...

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    Alan ... Wake up. 0

    Alan Wake, have you heard of the name? Many haven't, but after playing this you'll remember it forever. Alan Wake is a game made by Remedy exclusive to Xbox 360. Haha suck on that PS3. It is a game that is quite unique, you don't often run around with a torch everywhere in a video game. What is Alan Wake? Alan Wake is a man so you should've asked "Who is Alan Wake?" But no matter. Alan Wake is a writer, in the game he goes on holiday (vacation) to try and get away from his work, although it does...

    5 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Early GOTY for 360 0

    Alan Wake is the LONG awaited title from Remedy, who previously took forever releasing Max Payne last gen. Sadly, they've already started releasing DLC, so planned jokes about new episodes hitting in 2013 have been thwarted.The story is fairly complex. I could spoil it here if you would like, but I would advise against it. But I will say that even spelling out the story, it doesn't make a ton of logical sense...which was a goal of the developers. So, well played men. On seond thought, eve...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    An exciting thriller. 0

    Steven Beynon   “In a horror story, the victim keeps asking ‘Why?’, but there can be no explanation, and there shouldn’t be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end.” It's this Stephen King quote that Remedy's Alan Wake lives and dies by. Alan Wake is a Psychological Thriller upfront, but mechanically is a shooter in every sense of the word. In fact, 90% of the play-time is spend shooting-up ...

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    A brilliant add-on - for free or otherwise. 0

    ***** SPOILERS WARNING - This review contains some light spoilers ***** First off, The Signal is a direct continuation of the game's story. That being said, the episode does almost nothing to advance the story, and you are left with probably more questions that you started off with. If there is one major fault with this DLC, this is it. Gameplay-wise, this episode is better than any found within the main game. You still have the linear progression and the set encounters, but throughout this epis...

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    The Creeps Come Out At Night 0

    I had been waiting on Remedy to release this game for the better part of 3 years, so the anticipation and expectation were runnning high.  This game delivers in almost every way that counts.  The music is great, with songs and lyrics that go hand in hand with the plot of the game.  The music also adds a touch of humor.  These great songs, along with the quirky characters and amusing tv shows come together to ease the tension that the story creates so well.  The game itself is well paced, with so...

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    Alan Wake: The Writer Review 0

    Alan Wake's story gets stretched just a little bit more. After following the light of Zane, you are faced with the reality that you are trapped somewhere in the Darkness. You'll have to get back through to the cabin, but the world you exist in splinters more. There will be plenty of enemies that will try to block your way, but you must press on in hopes that you'll be able to rid yourself of this twisted world. Unlike The Signal, this DLC entry gets back to what made Alan Wake amazing, in my min...

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    Gripping Atmospheric Cinema 0

    A dark presence has consumed the town of Bright Falls, a nightmare has risen from the shadows. When sun fades the peaceful Washington town is transformed by evil.   Alan Wake arrives in Bright Falls on vacation, a successful novelist struggling with a case of writers block, escaping to a remote wilderness cabin to relax and refresh his creativity.  His loving, beautiful wife vanishes and Alan finds himself missing a week. In his amnesia the world has changed, a darkness flooded in and cursed the...

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    Alan Wake, feeling his age. 0

    When i picked up Alan Wake I knew a few things. 1. I would probably only play it in daylight. Horror games scare the shit out of me, and so did Alan Wake. Playing with headphones on i found myself turning around every once in a  while because i felt someone behind me. In that way Alan wake succeeds. 2. I would play one episode a day, because its is marketed as an episodic "Stephen King" thriller.   Alan Wake feels great, I didn't think the shooting mechanic would be fun, but i found the formul...

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    I See The Light! 0

                           Alan Wake is a game that focuses upon a novelist of the same name.  Alan has been suffering from a severe case of writer's block for a couple of years, so he and his wife travel to a small town out in the forests of the Pacific Northwest called Bright Falls.  Soon after arriving, though, something bad happens, and Alan wakes up from a car crash out in the woods.  He has no idea how he got there or where his wife is, and he has no recollection of an...

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    Not Really Worth the Wait 0

    Alan Wake is a fairly good game.   The best things about it is the story telling and the lighting.   Light plays an integral part to the game, so it makes sense that it is what they spent the most time on with the engine.   The shadows are very dynamic and their shapes look realistic.   When you shine a flashlight on a chair, a shadow appears on the floor that looks like a chair's shadow.   The game’s shadows do not look fully real for whenever there is an object in a light source’s path, it to...

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    Alan Wake Review 0

          Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller developed by Remedy Entertainment for the Xbox 360. This game was in development for several years and at one time thought to be canceled. Despite a long development cycle and a few minor flaws, Alan Wake is a great game every 360 owner should consider playing. Alan Wake takes place in the small town of Bright Falls where Wake's wife takes him to vacation and clear his mind. Wake is a famous writer who has a bad case of writer's block and fr...

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    There are 65 billion cows and pigs in the world! 0

    You don't have to play Alan Wake long to realize that the folks at Remedy Entertainment are big fans of novels and TV shows. The game is constantly referencing the likes of Stephen King and Twin Peaks, is narrated like a novel, and is segmented into TV-like episodes. It's interesting to see these approaches applied to a game, and even if the resulting gameplay might be a bit boilerplate for some, the overall package provides a compelling story that will easily keep your attention from start to f...

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    Are you afraid of the dark? 2

      've only had a brief experience with this game, everything else factual information.Graphic - 9.2/10Sound - 9.0/10GamePlay - 9.2/10Story Telling - 10/10Customization - 0/10Graphics:This games main focus is making everything look crisp and visuals are about 45% of the game, the clear graphics enhance the feeling of your Shadow-Like adversaries and everything just really plays out to be pretty gritty.The light effects and shadow texturing of the game is one of the best that i've seen for quite ...

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    Good, but not great 0

    I by no means found Alan Wake to be a bad game, it's got a fairly unique and interesting story, and some solid gameplay that generally consists of some pretty tense walks through dark forests where you have to use the combination of your flashlight and pistol to take down enemies.  The big problem with the game is variety, at one point in the game, you kind of have to defend a spot against zombies, and another you're just using the flashlight while an NPC does the shooting, but these varied sequ...

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    If only the combat were a little more interesting 0

      A game that was announced alongside the 360 finally released like what? 4 or 5 years later? Crazy development time but it's finally here and it's actually pretty good!You play as an author named Alan Wake. He's encountered severe writers block and so he takes a vacation with his wife to a small town called Bright Falls. You get there, some weird shit happens, and the next thing you know, you've woken up at the scene of a car accident with a week long hole in your memory. Your wife is m...

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    Please don't feed the animals 0

     Alan Wake is both a story-driven horror story and a third person shooter, and takes it upon itself to really blend the atmosphere and horror themes with the gameplay in a way that hasn't been done a whole lot in video games.  With a generally likeable cast and pretty decent writing and voice work, Alan Wake gets pretty darn close to the desired effect of creating a Stephen King style story that also works as an interactive video game.The plot revolves around the writer Alan Wake, who has manage...

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    A cult classic in the making 0

    Alan Wake is one of the 8 games I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I was relieved after feeling rather guilty for being part of the reason for its not so great sales figures. I have played an completed the 6 episodes that make up the main game, and I'm here to explain why those sales figures should be significantly better.  Alan Wake is a game that focuses first and foremost on storytelling. Alan and his wife Alice, decide to holiday in the town of Bright Falls after two years of write...

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    Alan Wake's journey through the dark is a worthwhile one. 0

    Opening statementsDarkness always played a role in horror games, but none gave it a role as major and as malevolent as "Alan Wake" does: the darkness isn't just there to conceal the horrors around the player; they are one and the same, and Alan's biggest threat. Taking into account its long time in development, is this fresh take on one of the most important aspects in the horror genre, combined with an enticing tale of secrets and redemption, enough to rise the game above the murky waters of th...

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    Alan Wake arrives on PC and is still just as atmospheric as ever. 0

    The PC version of Alan Wake has been through quite a ride to finally get a release on the platform. It was originally slated to be released together with the Xbox 360 version, but Microsoft decided that “Alan Wake was a game that was best played from a couch in front of a large TV screen.” In other words, they were saying horror games can’t work on the PC because you aren’t set up to be in the right situation. An amusing thought, since at the end of the same year Alan Wake was released on Xbox 3...

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    Great Game if it's what you are looking for 0

    Coming to Alan Wake several years after it's release, I got a slightly different experience than many would have at the time. Back then, there was a lot of hype around Alan Wake, ultimately something it could not live up to. Playing through in 2013 however I had a blast, most expectations forgotten. This is a game with great atmosphere, driven by an interesting story. The action can be somewhat repetitive, but I found that by playing an 'episode' at a time that I never grew weary.Well worth a l...

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    Fascinating storytelling wrapped in minimalist gameplay 0

    When you look at Remedy's previous games such as Max Payne or their upcoming oeuvre, you cannot help but feel that they are trying to push the boundaries and/or establish the video game's potential for storytelling. Instead of opting for interactivity in choices, something that has been utilised by the likes of BioWare and TellTale Games, this one opts for immersion by creating an experience that resembles a TV show, especially Twin Peaks, by which this title has been inspired, the developers ma...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    A Light In the Black... 0

    I enjoyed this game. I had played it years ago when it first came out on Xbox 360, but this was the first time I had played the two DLC episodes. While not a perfect game (gets a bit heavy on combat in parts, and some level gimmicks are more interesting in theory than they are in practice), but the story was enough to keep me interested. The sound design is also good (both music wise and sound effects), and the graphics are pretty solid for a port of 4 year old Xbox 360 game, with some very good...

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    Alan Wake: A Novel Idea, for our viewing pleasure. 2

    Alan Wake. Five years in the making, one story that must be told, one epic game that flew far too low under the radar. To be perfectly honest, this game flew under my radar too, until it was recommended to me by a friend. I loved the box-art, and found the ideas behind it compelling, but because of the fact that so many triple A titles dwarfed its existence, I never managed to pick it up until late 2010. And I have to say, as a world-weary, self-proclaimed cynic, this game was a breath of fres...

    3 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Very Well Done 1

    I have to say that as someone who is not typically a fan of this type of game, I really enjoy the game-play so far. It feels like a less frantic Left 4 Dead with an actual story line. Although the game play is very linear, they make great use of the lighting, and even give you a heads up when a battle is commencing. I would have liked to see a more versatile aiming mechanic, but I guess if you aim your flashlight at something it is much easier to shoot at if you can see it. One thing though, sta...

    3 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    Worth the Wait, but Plan Ahead 0

    It's rare that a game delivers on being story-driven for me, but Alan Wake succeeds.  However, this positive note is also a bit of a downer. Let me start off by saying that, as an achievement whore, I went through this game with a collectibles walkthrough next to me.  I was careful to only look one item ahead so that I wouldn't spoil any major story points, but still.  If I hadn't, I would probably rate this game considerably lower.  As I mentioned, the story is the strong point for 90% of the g...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Vastly over-hyped 5

     I'm watching the credits roll as a begin to type this, flabbergasted at the high reviews this game has gotten. FFXIII is the only other game I have felt this compelled to write a review of against the grain. It is easily the worst horror game I have played this gen, worse than dead space, resident evil 5 and a myriad of others I have played. I've completed over 150 current gen games just for the record. It is bad in every way pretty much, I'm trying to think of some redeeming aspects, the dark ...

    3 out of 15 found this review helpful.

    Alan, go back to sleep. 0

    Remedy is known for the excellent Max Payne,the bullet time/comicbook like storytelling/ weird in game TV shows. Alan wake, their next i.p shure took his time.But hey ,we waited and here it is after 5 years.  First it is safe to say that some aspects of the game are obsolete,anyway, lets forget the bad facial expressions,bad animations and some ugly textures.What 's annoy me in Alan Wake has a name: cliché. From the agent of the main protagonist(hello Joe Pesci wannabe) to the pathetics jump-sca...

    2 out of 10 found this review helpful.

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