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Alan Wake's best thing is by far the story and chilling atmosphere. The story focuses on Alan Wake who is not a typical video game hero. When running out of ideas he moves to a desolate place by the sea and not before long his wife goes missing. Alan himself wakes up in his crashed car in a sort of bunker thing having no memory of what happened, he also starts to find manuscript pages which he dosen't remember writing and you can collect these and really should read them to fill in little elements of the plot you may want to know. The main part of the story is Alan trying to find out what happened to him and his wife. He also has some very serious problems. He can't go outside without creatures of the night appearing and trying to kill him, these creatures are from the manuscript he wrote (the one he cant remember writing). The story is thrilling and gripping and takes place in episodes so it fills you in on the story if your lost on whats happening. You spend most of your time with a flashlight and a weapon of your choice wondering through creepy night time forrests, the 3rd person shooting is solid but the best thing is by far the scary enviroments with an atmosphere rarley seen in a video game and it is genuinley an amazing feat. Although there aren't many moments that make you jump the atmosphere makes sure you are very scared. However I found the getting from place to place far too linear as there is normally one path that you need to go down to find your objective and is way too easy. It is also not very memorable. There are hardly any moments that is worth telling anyone about. Solid shooting , clever-story telling and creepy atmosphere make this game worthwhile. 
                      Very good and clever story. The atmosphere created is chilling and creepy. The Soundtrack is good. Collectibles are good additions. 
                  Too linear. Lacks memorable moments.

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