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    Alan Wake

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released May 14, 2010

    When famous novelist Alan Wake goes on vacation with his wife Alice, he has no idea that the idyllic town of Bright Falls will soon be the site of a terrible battle between light and dark that could threaten everything, even Wake's own sanity.

    alphazero's The Writer (Xbox 360) review

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    Good Writer

    The Writer, the second DLC for Remedy's moody "action-thriller" Alan Wake takes what's best about the original game and puts, quite literally, a new spin on it. It's the same length as most chapters in the game, taking a bit over an hour to complete. We find Alan still trapped in the Dark Place trying to regain his sanity in order to continue his fight for freedom. Helped by the presence of Thomas Zane, Alan must confront his own fears and memories in order to survive.

    There are three or four major set pieces, each of which is neat it its own way. A section of the game where you are forced to climb through a fun-house version of previous game locations, while the entire thing slowly spins around, is technically impressive and a fun navigation puzzle. The last climb up to the lighthouse was also fun and a new take on using light and dark to your advantage. There are a few platforming sections that are definitely not a strength, but good enough.

    I love the Alan Wake story and am a fan of the two step combat, so if you already know you're not consider those grains of salt. This new bit of content reminded me how much I loved Alan Wake. I hope they can make a full sequel.

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      Alan Wake's story gets stretched just a little bit more. After following the light of Zane, you are faced with the reality that you are trapped somewhere in the Darkness. You'll have to get back through to the cabin, but the world you exist in splinters more. There will be plenty of enemies that will try to block your way, but you must press on in hopes that you'll be able to rid yourself of this twisted world. Unlike The Signal, this DLC entry gets back to what made Alan Wake amazing, in my min...

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