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    Albert Cole

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    A charismatic lawyer of Vault 13 and potential player character in Fallout.

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    Albert Cole is a resident of Vault 13 during the late 22nd Century. A professed lawyer - or at least the kind of lawyer before the Great War - Cole is a very charismatic leader of a small, but vocal minority of Vault residents whom want to live in the outside world. He also prides himself as a negotiator, able to communicate effectively between differing parties.

    Character Statistics


    • Strength - 5
    • Perception - 6
    • Endurance - 4
    • Charisma - 9
    • Intelligence - 6
    • Agility - 4
    • Luck - 6

    Derived Stats

    • 28 Hit Points
    • 4 Armor Class
    • 7 Action Points
    • 1 Melee Damage

    Tag Skills

    • Small Guns - 59%
    • Speech - 88%
    • Barter - 83%


    • Skilled
    • Good Natured

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