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    Alberto José González is a Spanish video game sprite artist, composer, designer and producer.

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    Alberto José González is a Spanish video game sprite artist, composer, designer and producer who has worked on a variety of titles. His early music was primarily influenced by that of game composers like Tim FollinDavid WhittakerBen Daglish and Jonathan Dunn.


    In 1988, at the age of sixteen, González was hired as a sprite designer by New Frontier. He soon started to dabble in composition with the program Music Box for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and eventually began composing music for the games he worked on. The first title for which he composed all the music was Hostages. He later left New Frontier and co-founded Bit Managers. As the era of 8-bit consoles ended, he moved to working primarily on games for handhelds such as the Game Boy. His last true chiptune soundtrack was that of Asterix & Cleopatra for Game Boy Advance. He eventually left Bit Managers, joined Abylight, and currently works primarily as a game designer and producer rather than a composer.

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