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    The main continent in the high-fantasy world of Fable.

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    The main land mass in the universe of Fable, Albion is geographically based on Wales, and is the setting of the entire first game in the franchise. The continent of Albion is composed of mostly lawless roads and counties populated by bandits, thieves, brigands and monsters, and is spaced here and there with independent city-states which the player can freely travel to at any time.


    The majority of Albion's history is largely unknown, due to the continent lacking a ruling government, which would ostensibly act to preserve historical records. It is known that Albion was once lead by a royal family whose magical bloodline is significantly diminished by the time of the first game. At one point, the king of Albion, Archon, gained possession of a mystical and incredibly powerful artifact, the Sword of Aeons. This sword slowly corrupted the king's soul, and through him, the entire kingdom. The first game is set many hundreds of years since these events occurred, and while the world is still a dangerous place, it doesn't approach the level of corruption Albion endured during Archon's rule.

    Fable 2 takes place roughly 500 years after the first game, during what appears to be a Renaissance of human development.


    "Albion" is the oldest known name for the island of Great Britain.


     In the Land of Albion ther are many Towns/Outposts/Buildings such as: Bargate Prison ,Bowerstone South ,Bowerstone North,  Bowerstone Quay,  Bowerstone Jail, The Darkwood Bordello, Darkwood Camp, Chapel of Skorm, Fisher Creek, Orchard Farm, Rose Cottage, Greatwood Caves, Heroes' Guild, The Chamber of Fate,  Lychfield Graveyard, Necropolis, Snowspire, Oakvale, Grey House,  Barrowfields,  Twinblade's Camp,  Twinblade's Elite Camp,  Twinblade's Tent Temple of Avo,  Witchwood Arena,  Knothole Glade, Witchwood Arena, Arena Entrance,  The Hall of Heroes,  The Arena and Hook Coast.


    Albion has seven major regions and they are: Darkwood, Greatwood, Lynchfield, The Northern Wastes, Witchwood and the Hook Coast.

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