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    Alchemilla Nurses

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    The well known medical professionals of Silent Hill.

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    The Nurse is a common enemy of the Silent Hill series. Next to Pyramid Head, they are the most iconic characters and concepts of the franchise. Generally armed with knives, lead pipes, and sometimes handguns and syringes, nurses can be found in Alchemilla Hospital, Brookhaven Hospital, or roaming the streets of Silent Hill. They can also be found in places that make no sense whatsoever, such as the hidden basement level of a town hall in a completely different town.

    In Silent Hill

    This nurse is known as the ' Puppet Nurse'. They can be found in Alchemilla Hospital. They appear in fairly traditional nurses uniforms, with fleece sweaters. A strange, worm-like creature protrudes from their back, and writhes upon the nurse's death. They have varying color of hair and clothing, which signifies their damage potential. Also notable is the presence of male medical staff, only found in the original Silent Hill. They are representative of Alessa Gillespie's hospitalization.

    In Silent Hill 2

    The best known of all Silent Hill nursing staff, this incarnation is known as the 'Bubble Head Nurse'. Their name derives from the strange, turned-backwards appearance of their faces, and are the originators of the creepy, twitchy walk and the sexy, low-cut skirt. They are first found in Brookhaven Hospital, and later in the Otherworld streets. They carry lead pipes and are among the most dangerous enemies in the game. They are representative of James Sunderland's repressed sexual guilt, and his wife Mary's hospitalization.

    In Silent Hill 3

    The third incarnation, known simply as 'Nurse'. With a mangled, zombified appearance, they are the most vocal of the nurses, panting and shrieking as they attack and are killed by Heather Mason. On higher difficulty settings, they carry handguns, a rarity for Silent Hill monsters. They are representative the dual nature of both Heather's birth and Alessa's hospitalization.

    In Silent Hill 4: The Room

    Known as 'Patients', these are among the more dangerous enemies encountered by Henry Townshend. Horrifically disfigured, they are notable for their disemboweled wombs, removed by Walter Sullivan in some form of ritualistic manner regarding the anguish of his birth.

    In Silent Hill: 0rigins

    The 'Faceless Nurse', these are similar to the Bubble Head Nurse, but carrying syringes instead of lead pipes. They are notable for having more feminine voices than previous nurses, and with surgical masks seemingly stretched over their faces. They are representative of Travis Grady's sexual desire.

    In Silent Hill: Homecoming

    Stated in an achievement as ' Alchemilla's Finest', these nurses are carbon copies of the Bubble Head Nurse of Silent Hill 2, combined with the strange womb motif of the Patients of The Room. The character model was taken from actual actors in the Silent Hill film, and are notable for freezing in place in the absence of light or sound. The nurses appear in the hospital nightmare, as well as other places in both Silent Hill and Shepherd's Glen. They represent Alex Shepherd's hospitalization, and could possibly signify victims during his escape from Alchemilla.


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