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    Alder's Blood

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 10, 2020

    Alder's Blood is a stealth-tactical turn-based game set in a dark, mysterious, victorian-western world.

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    About the game

    In Alder’s Blood, combat is turn-based, strongly focused on stealth and tactics. Player takes on the role of Chief - a leader of the Hunters’ crew tasked with the unthinkable challenge, to kill their corrupted God. In order to do so, the player has to complete a number of missions, travel around the dying world, craft weapons and tools, and defeat nightmarish creatures. The beasts can easily detect hunters not only with their vision or hearing but also by catching up hunters’ scent. This unique mechanic adjusts diversity to the encounters, forcing the player to also keep in mind the wind direction before conquering any action. Highly influenced by Darkest Dungeon's and Bloodborne’s vibes and aesthetics, Alder’s Blood mixes rough wild west settings with dark, victorian fantasy elements.


    The rotten corpse of God is cursing the lands of Alder’s Blood. The rhythm of day and night has been broken, and the Earth is covered in constant dusk. Balance between people, animals, and plants no longer exists. Humanity is threatened, facing hordes of monsters sent by the avenging nature. The only ones who can prevent the darkness are those who have a tiny bit of the evil force inside them. They are called the Hunters - humanity’s last hope, and player character had been chosen to be their leader - the Chief.

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