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    Alec Mason

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    Alec Mason is a member of the terrorist group known as Red Faction, seeking to overthrow the government of Mars. He is the main protagonist of Red Faction: Guerilla.

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    Alec Mason is a guerrilla soldier in the game Red Faction : Guerrilla. He came to Mars to mine, and earn an honest living.

    Alec joined the Red Faction after an Earth Defense Force (EDF) gunship fires on his brother, killing him.

    According to the Earth Defense Force Wanted Poster he has the following characteristics:

    • Male
    • 6'11"
    • 175 lbs
    • Brown eyes
    • Black hair

    Wanted as of 5/8/2109.

    He is considered armed and dangerous and wanted for second degree murder amongst other things. If the poster was printed at about the time Red Faction: Guerrilla begins, then Alec Mason should be aged around 23 years old during the course of the game.

    When Alec's brother, Dan, invites him into the Red Faction initially, he turns it down. Alec says something about how he's 'Not a terrorist', and that Dan got him in enough trouble back on Earth. This implies that Alec may have been a convicted terrorist back on Earth, which could be part of the reason he went to Mars to mine.

    Mason is voiced by Troy Baker.


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