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    Alex Louis Armstrong

    Character » appears in 13 games

    A muscular, and fit State Alchemist, he is very comical, and emotional unstable sometimes.

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    The Strong Arm Alchemist

    Alex Luis Armstrong, better know as "The Strong Arm" Alchemist, is very large, very comical character in the fullmetal alchemist series. He gets very emotional sometimes, or might burst out in joyous praise, although he will also comfort people when their down. Though because of the strength that Armstrong possesses, he often hurts them more than he helps (in a comical way). Armstrong is very proud of how fit, and muscular he is. Often annoying people by taking off his shirt, and flexing his muscles. Even sparkling when he does so...literally. Though it doesn't take way from his pink stars that shine with him as he poses.

    Even though he is a very comical character, and may be put off as a sorta comic relief (well, he isn't). He can very serious when the time calls for it. He hates violence, and will always try to end a conflict peacefully, and will break down a cry when a innocent person dies. Armstrong is a carrying person, and will do what he can to save whomever he can, including his friends.


    Armstrong comes from a family of aristocrats. They have master almost every skill in every profession you can think off.
    Armstrong also possesses many of these talents, which he likes to thin of them being "passed down the Armstrong line for generations", not learning them.

    What? There's no pictures WITH his shirt on.
    What? There's no pictures WITH his shirt on.
    Though this does include Alchemy. With the knowledge he has of Alchemy, including with his unique pair of Brass Knuckles, he can reshape anything as long he punches it. This includes creating buildings, or even making statues of himself for others "benefit".

    Armstrong is a valuable asset and friends to the Elric Brother, and Roy Mustang. Often giving them comfort in times of need (whether they want it or not), and having their backs in times of war. He takes his honor, and his responsibility as a leader very seriously, and will give his life to portect his comrades, and friends.

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