Alex Navarro playing Rock Band at a bar

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#1 Posted by SuperJoe (1122 posts) -

Such intensity

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#2 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

I saw Hammer Smashed Face, and immediately pressed play. That said, it needs more Jim Carrey.

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#3 Posted by Gav47 (1583 posts) -


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#4 Posted by Slurpelve (688 posts) -

that man with the beer in his hand is super drunk. but Alex Navarro  is a gaming superstar!  
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#5 Edited by Absurd (2932 posts) -

Edit: Does the guy on the very right have corn rolls?

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#6 Posted by LiquidSwords (2728 posts) -

Fuck yes!!!! This should also be included in the damn game 
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#7 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (5011 posts) -

Too bad the song is complete garbage.

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#8 Posted by nrain (1301 posts) -

What is it with death metal's singers, they sound like butchered pigs. The instruments all sound good though I don't get the appeal of it.
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#9 Posted by Zajtalan (1261 posts) -

isnt tthat tim from gamespot

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#10 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7467 posts) -

Sounds like their doing visions.

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#11 Posted by PowerSerj (994 posts) -

Or, you know, Hammer Smashed Face ;)

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