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    Alex Roivas

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    Alex Roivas is the main protagonist of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. She's a university student who fatefully encounters a sinister tome, and with it is burdened as humanity's last stand against the Ancients.

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    Alexandra Roivas is a student of abstract mathematics and number theory at a Washington university. One night she is awoken at 3:33 a.m. by a phone call from Inspector Legrasse who informs her that her grandfather, Edward Roivas has been killed and calls her to her family estate on Rhode Island to identify the body. After traveling to the estate and identifying the body Alex discovers that the Inspector does not know the cause of or any of the details surrounding her grandfather’s murder.  

    Two weeks after the opening events of the game Alex begins her investigation of the Roivas mansion to learn more about her grandfather’s death. On the first floor of the mansion she discovers a hidden study containing a mysterious book known as the Tome of Eternal Darkness. From the tome Alex learns of the transformation of Roman centurion Pious Augustus into an evil liche, however a sizable portion of the tome remains missing.

    Alex discovers multiple clues left around the mansion by her grandfather as to the whereabouts of the missing pages of the Tome of Eternal Darkness and using knowledge from the book, along with the mysterious power known as ‘magick’ she is able to piece the tome back together. The recovered missing pages allow Alex to relive the experiences of various individuals throughout the previous two millennia fighting against the forces of darkness. She also learns that Pious Augustus (who has lived for almost two thousand years due to his liche form) is plotting to summon an ancient into the world and doom humanity and that she is the only hope of stopping him.

    Using a plan devised by her grandfather to foil Pious, Alex harnesses the magick of the City of Ehn’gha during a planetary alignment to cast a spell and summon an ancient to defeat Pious’. The spell teleports her to where Pious is summoning his ancient and their ancients do battle. The spirits of those who died fighting Pious also appear to aid Alex and after the fall of Pious’ ancient Alex defeats Pious himself and kills him with his own staff.

    After the defeat of Pious and his ancient the world remains at threat from the ancient summoned by Alex, but the spectre of Edward appears and uses the magick of Ehn’gha to bind the ancient. Before leaving Alex, Edward tells her that he is proud of her and misses her. Alex narrates the ending of the game with her exact dialogue varying depending on the number of times the game has been completed. After completing the game under all three alignments Alex’s narration will lead into the epilogue. 



    -Alex is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    -Roivas (Alex’s second name) spelled backwards reads ‘savior’.

    -When Alex relieves the phone call at the beginning of the game a calendar can be seen on her wall with the past days crossed off and the day when she will begin investigating her grandfather’s murder circled. Although this seems unusual it is likely that Alex was using the calendar to track the date of the coming planetary alignment.

    -Some pre-release screenshots depict Alex with a red top rather than a black one and her hair being a lighter shade.


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