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    One of the founders of Bungie and creative minds behind Halo. Alex Seropian currently serves as the CEO of Industrial Toys.

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    Alex started his career as the founder and CEO of Bungie Software in Chicago. Seropian and fellow University of Chicago computer science student Jason Jones founded the studio in 1991. After several small games, Bungie developed an FPS for the Macintosh called Marathon that become a critical and modest commercial success. Slowly growing and learning, Alex lead the creation of the Myth series of RTS games, which were also a critical and commercial success. Seropian oversaw the development of Halo -- Microsoft 's flagship title for the launch of the Xbox. He negotiated the terms of Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie and served as the franchise executive producer for its first releases.

    Seropian founded Wideload Games in 2003 and when they were acquired by Disney Interactive Studios in 2009 he became the vice president of game development. This means Seropian oversees development at all Disney studios including Warren Spector's Junction Point, the Vancouver-based Propaganda, and the England-based Black Rock.

    In early 2012, Seropian left Disney to form the mobile games company, Industrial Toys.


    - Seropian serves as De Paul University's "game designer in residence".

    - Alex's first game was a pong clone for the Macintosh called !Gnop just to see if he could build a game start-to-finish on his own.

    - Prior to HALO Alex preferred to develop on the Macintosh, the platform where HALO actually began as a game called Blam!


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