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ALF: The First Adventure is an action game developed and published by Box Office for Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, and PC (DOS).

The game is based loosely on the popular television show called ALF. The player controls ALF around the neighborhood, searching for pieces of his spacecraft in this top-down action game.


ALF is controlled using the keyboard or joystick, in any of four directions around a maze-shaped neighborhood, over several stages. The player may carry one single item at a time, and must bring cats and spacecraft pieces back to the garage. In order to carry a cat, ALF must first eat a pizza, which are scattered around the map. Eating a pizza gives ALF a limited time window in which he must grab a cat, and get it back to the garage. After catching all cats, ALF must find a spacecraft piece and bring it to the garage.

Willie Tanner roams the map, seeking ALF. If ALF is caught by Willie, all items currently in the garage are lost. Additionally, a dog catcher roams the neighborhood. If ALF is caught by the dog catcher, Willie will rescue him, but only three times, after which, the game is over.

There is a time limit to completing the game's stages - if time lapses, the game is over. If the player collects all spacecraft parts on all stages before the time limit lapses, the player wins, and becomes a member of the "Honorary Melmac Skleen Club".

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