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ALF is the main character in the 80's American sitcom that ran from 1986 to 1990 that spawned videos games and two animated cartoons.

ALF is from the planet Melmac. He is 3 feet tall and has brown hair from head to toe. He (and all other melmacians) has eight stomachs, his heart is located in his head, and his favorite dish is cats.

He has at least 30 relatives, cousins "Pretty Boy Shumway" and "Blinky," two uncles, Tinkle and Goomer, a Grandma Shumway, a brother Curtis, parents Bob and Flo Shumway, aunts Bubba, Wagner, and Eugene.

ALF attended high school for 122 years and was captain of the Bouillabaisseball team which is a sport played on ice using shellfish as a ball.

Melmac as it appears in ALF: The Animated Series
Melmac as it appears in ALF: The Animated Series

ALF was an Orbital Guard (much like the military on Earth) on Melmac and was doing his regular patrol when the planet was destroyed. He drifted in space until he crash landed in the Tanner's garage. Willie (the father of the household) nicknamed him ALF as it stands for "Alien Life Form".

His friend Skip and girlfriend Rhonda both escaped the destruction of Melmac and have contacted ALF a few times in the series. In the last episode ALF left to meet them in a field to go away with them and find a new planet to inhabit but was instead captured by the Alien Task Force. The show never had a conclusion but a made for TV movie was aired in the mid 90's that gave closure to the fans and told what happened to ALF after the events of that episode.

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