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    A member of the Executioners and friendly NPC.

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    Alfred is an ex-Hunter turned Executioner - a contingent of the Healing Church that specializes in hunting down Vilebloods. He is first met nearing the entrance to Old Yharnam praying. Upon talking to him he will ask the player if they can join forces together. The player must accept to continue his arc, although should they deny his request he will always ask again when talked to. After accepting his offer, he gifts the player four Flamepaper and the Pray gesture. Alfred is now available to be summoned to fight against the Cleric Beast. His summoning location is next to one of the highlighted messages noting that the player can ring their Beckoning Bell for assistance, with Alfred now taking over from Father Gascoigne as the available summon. Alfred can also be summoned to assist against the Blood-Starved Beast as well in the same manner.

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    Once Vicar Amelia has been beat Alfred will have moved to a new location nearing the Cathedral graveyard. He can be conversed with as before and will provide information relating to certain subjects, specifically The Healing Church, the Vilebloods, and Byrgenwerth.

    Upon discovering the chambers of Queen Annalise--leader of the Vilebloods--behind the secret passage guarded by Martyr Logarius, there is an item called Cainhurst Summons. Taking this to Alfred will then trigger his advance unto Queen Annalise's chambers; doing so will also have him give the player the wheel hunter badge, which unlocks Logarius' Wheel in the shop. When heading back to Queen Annalise's chambers, Alfred will be shown enthusiastically professing his victory over the Queen, having beaten her into a literal pulp of blood and gore. Due to her immortality, Alfred beat her to such a degree to make sure she was completely incapacitated. Speaking to Alfred will have him gift the player the Roar gesture.

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    Alfred will finally be found back to where he was first met next to the alter. He is shown to have committed suicide, with Logarius' Crown of Illusions resting on the altar. Examining his corpse will give the player the Executioner's Rune, which increases the percentage of health a blood vial will heal the player.


    With the Executioner rune equipped, this will make it so should a player ring their beckoning bell and is summoned to the world of a Vileblood--being someone who has the Vileblood rune currently equipped--their goal is to instead actually kill the player. The summoner player will be unaware of this, giving the summoned player the element of surprise; once the Executioner player initiates the attack then they will be regarded as hostile and can be locked on by the Vileblood player.

    The Executioner player must also kill the Vileblood before they reach the boss area, otherwise they will be sent back to their world. Successfully killing a Vileblood player provides no additional reward beyond a single digit of Insight--the same reward summoned players gain for successfully assisting in besting a boss--and is simply an alternative venue for player-versus-player combat.


    • How Alfred managed to attain Logarius' crown despite the player also being in possession of it is unknown.
    • When summoned as a friendly NPC to help fight against bosses, Alfred wields a Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Rifle. For his attack against Annalise he is equipped with Logarius' Wheel.


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