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Alfred is a powerful alchemist and a former member of the Alchemy Guild (responsible for the demonic uprising ten years prior to the events of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night).

During the events of Ritual of the Night, he crosses paths with Miriam a few times in the castle (threatening to kill her if she does not leave the castle). It is quickly revealed that he is acting on his own, searching for a powerful tome known as the Liber Logaeth (currently in possession by Gebel). Johannes, one of his former students, distrusts Alfred's motives.

In the English version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, he is voiced by Christopher Swindle.

Curse of the Moon

In the companion game Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Alfred is a minor protagonist who is rescued by Zangetsu and, depending on the player's actions, can join him as a playable ally.

If Alfred is sacrificed, Zangetsu gains the Blood Moon Soul Art, which allows him to perform a double jump.


  • Buster Rod: Basic attack. Strikes forward with his weapon. A slow attack with limited range. Can be performed on ground or in air.
  • Burning Sphere: Default Sub-Weapon. Encircles himself with a protective shield of fire, damaging any enemies or projectiles that touch it. Persists even if the player changes to another character. Lasts for roughly ten seconds. Costs 5 WP.
  • Frostcalibur: Sub-Weapon. Shoots forth a massive projectile of ice forward to the edge of the screen. Any enemies caught in the attack will be frozen solid for roughly ten seconds, during which time they can be walked upon as platforms, or destroyed in a single attack. Consumes 4 WP.
  • Soul Vision: Sub-Weapon. Conjures a copy of Alfred a short distance ahead of himself. The clone will perform any action that the original does for it's duration, including: moving, jumping, and attacking. The clone is capable of damaging enemies, but taking damage itself. Will expire after roughly ten seconds, or if the player switches character the double will die prematurely. Consumes 3 WP.
  • Voltaic Ray: Sub-Weapon. Summons a ball of lightning, that seeks out nearby foes, passing through them multiple times. Will perform five dashes before dissipating. Can have three active at a single time, and they will persist if the player switches characters. Can only be acquired from unique green lanterns. Consumes 4 WP.

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