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    Alia is a character of the Mega Man X series. She works as an Operator, Navigator, and Computer Specialist of the Maverick Hunters and first appeared in Mega Man X5.

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    Alia makes her debut as the operator and navigator for the Maverick Hunters. It is her job to brief her assigned team of hunters on their missions and provide information about the locales they'll be visiting, as well as the enemies they'll face and the equipment they may have found. In addition to all of that, she is the one who keeps track of the positions of the hunters in the field and monitor their systems.

    Among one of the most important members of her team, she is also one of the most troubled. She has some serious skeletons in her closet and has buried her own past so that she might move on.


    Alia made her very first appearance in Mega Man X5 without much of a backstory or an introduction. She was treated as if she had already been there by the time the series had begun. However, it was her next appearance in Mega Man X6 that greatly expanded upon her background.

    Before she joined the Maverick Hunters as a navigator, she was a researcher for the advancement of reploid engineering. One of her colleagues was a reploid named Gate who became absorbed with discovering the secrets of a previously unknown type of circuitry. By the time Gate succeeded in his research, he had garnered both the admiration of the scientific community, but also the envy of his colleagues. Among them, Alia was coerced by others in the systematic destruction of Gate's career.

    Though it was against her will, Alia was directly responsible for destroying and leaking Gate's research to others who wished to benefit from it, and had a direct hand in the deaths of two of Gate's research partners. Unable to deal with the guilt of her actions, Alia resigned her position as a researcher and found a new life with the Maverick Hunters. Over the years, she repressed those memories, until the events of Mega Man X6 reawaken the ghosts of her past.


    Alia takes her duty very seriously, throwing herself into her work with everything she has. For the sake of everyone, human or reploid, civilian or hunter, she does everything that she can to make sure that they all survive. Every death has a profound effect on her, bringing back the memories of the lives she was complicit with ending.

    Reasonable and pragmatic, Alia puts no faith in fate, luck or miracles, preferring to make her own ends to a desired outcome. Nothing will stop her when she puts her mind to something, and she will do everything that she can to execute her will. Her teammates admire this trait in her, but feel distressed when they see her pushing herself too hard.


    Unlike the other bulkier reploids that she works with, Alia's design is very sleek, slender and streamlined. She is mostly seen wearing a black bodysuit that is accented with pink pieces of armor. On occasions, she wears different costumes, usually as unlockables. Her blonde hair is usually seen tied up into a bun, but as of Mega Man X7 she has worn her hair loose.

    In almost all of her appearances, she has worn a transceiver headset with a microphone so that she may communicate with her teammates in the field. This headpiece is considered to be her signature apparel, as she is seen wearing it with any other outfit that she wears.


    As a reploid, Alia possesses abilities that far surpass what a human is capable of. Her design is not built for combat, but instead for data and analytics. She is capable of finding any information about anybody, anything and anyplace in a matter of seconds, filtering out all unnecessary information so that anything she finds is reliable.


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