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    The protagonist in Red Faction 2.

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    Red Faction 2

    An Explosives expert, Alias joins the Sopot Special Forces (SSF) in order to combat the boredom of living in Sopot City. Tasked with a mission to steal an experimental device known as Nano Cell. Along side a group of SSF agents and their commanding officer, Molov, they successfully steal the device and return it to Sopot. Only to discover that he plans on using the device to turn his already impressive army into super soldiers.

    Enraged by this development, Alias and the SSF squad join the Red Faction in hopes of preventing this from happening. At this time the Red Faction starts gaining popularity while taking their revolution to the street against Sopot and the Republic of the Commonwealth. Stopping at nothing to get at Sopot in hopes to end his tyrannical reign. Pursuing Sopot, he launches an ICBM in a move he hopes will end the Red Faction. Dying in the exhaust flames, they thought the war would be over with the death of Sopot. Returning to the makeshift base, Alias and friends discover that most of the Red Faction have been brutally slaughtered. Discovering that Molov is now leading the Commonwealth, Alias pursues him. Killing members of his old squad that have turned against him and their super soldiers. He and Tangier (the only member who is still with Alias) confront Molov. Waiting for an extraction from Shrike, he (Molov) sends his best soldiers against Alias and Tangier. Betrayed by Shrike (citing a lack of judgment on his original betrayal of Alias) Molov dies. Alias and Tangier are then saved by Shrike.

    Depending on your heroic score in the game the game ends differently.

    • Best Ending: Alias becomes the Military Leader of the Red Faction Government.
    • Good Ending: Alias is greatly awarded, and later in life becomes the military leader of the Red Faction Government.
    • Okay Ending: Alias is convicted of manslaughter and is killed by Justice.
    • Bad Ending: Alias is labeled a mutant and is scheduled to be executed. He however escapes right before he is executed and lives the rest of his live in solitude.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    Alias makes a brief appearance in Guerrilla as he has left a radio tag on mars. Stating that he misses his friends and never thought he would die on Mars. This suggests that the bad ending is what has played out. None of them mention him moving to Mars but that is the only ending that has him fleeing for his life on Earth.


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