Alice Carrol

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    Inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel, Alice Carrol is a young girl with a tragic past. She seeks redemption and freedom from the evil presence that lives within her.

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    Alice was born into a wealthy and prominent family in London. At the age of 10, tragedy struck her family. Her parents were brutally murdered, leaving Alice in a state of shock. When she was found, she was covered in blood and unable to tell the investigators what had happened.

    Some involved with the investigation into the murders suspected the young Alice of being responsible, but they could not prove it. Due to this suspicion, and her depression and erratic behavior, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for observation. The doctors were unable to do anything for her.

    Alice would remain in the hospital until she met Elias Patrick. Elias immediately recognized that Alice was possessed by an evil spirit and the doctors would not be able to help her. He became determined to help the young girl and took her under his wing. 

    Story Ending

    In Elias and Alice’s ending, Elias is successful in ridding the young girl of the evil spirit. Elias is able to remove the spirit and send it back to its originator, Johan. After the battle he disappears on his journey to pursue Johan, leaving Alice to believe he died protecting her.



    Alice Carrol’s name is insprired by the character Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. The design is roughly based upon John Tenniel’s original illustrations for the same character.

     When fighting, Alice’s posture and stance changes. She begins to slump and her arms hang at her sides. When she moves, she moves much faster than normal and is often propelled by purple energy. This evil energy is also present in her attacks.


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