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    Alice Ip

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    She is a Chinese girl who loves to dance with her friends and one of the playable dancers in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series.

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    She is originally from Hong Kong, China. Alice is one of the biggest pop-star singers in Japan and a leader in a girl group, she had trouble adjusting to her new life and used to get a little lonely thinking of her hometown, but lately, her friends say she's been smiling a lot more whenever she's with them.

    Name: Alice Ip
    Birthday: September 3rd
    Age: 15 (DDR 5thMIX-DDR STRIKE), 17 (DDR SuperNOVA-Present)
    Height: 5'1"(156cm)
    Weight: 103lbs (47kg)
    Bloodtype: A+
    Birthplace: Hong Kong, China
    Likes: Lessons, friends
    Hobbies: Writing Letters, dancing, singing
    Dislikes: Snow (because it reminds her that she is living abroad)


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