Alice: Madness Returns

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    Alice is back, and so is her fragile grasp on reality. She must journey through both Victorian London and the dark world of Wonderland to retain her sanity and find out the truth behind her family's deaths, in this long-awaited sequel to American McGee's Alice.

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    Great Game Marred By Control Issues 0

     Raaaaaather...When American McGee released Alice back in 2000, the game caused quite a stir in the gaming community. The game was distinctly Alice in Wonderland, but with a gothic horror theme that managed to take a normally delightfully demented world and pervert it into something twisted and morbid. Alice fought to regain her sanity after the tragic deaths of her parents, eventually defeating the Red Queen and Jabberwock and turning Wonderland back into its old twisted ways.  It's been eleven...

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    Taking a very long trip through the Looking Glass 0

    Even with huge AAA titles like Infamous 2 and Mortal Kombat, I thought of no other game the most and the one I was going to own no matter what was Alice: Madness Returns. Having not played the original, that still didn't stop me from checking out every screenshot and video released. With some old-school platforming, a beautiful art design and creative use of the Alice in Wonderland license, my own personal expectations are high. So maybe it's because of this the game hit several sour notes, leav...

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    reviewers are mad 4

    An absolutely gorgeous game that needs a second look by the critics. Sure, it has a lot of jumping, gliding, and a bit of repetition, but what game doesn't? These days I feel reviewers are getting a bit too critical about very minor issues, and in the process they are dragging down some really amazing studios who have put in a ton of hard work to make some unique experiences. I have a feeling if Alice was replaced with Mario, this one would have at least received a 9. The weapons, enviro...

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    Pretty...but dull. 0

    It's hard to believe, but American McGee's Alice was released ten years ago. I'm finding myself constantly incredulous when I realize just how old most video games are. I mean, thinking about it:Half-Life 2, a genre defining game, came out in 2004. Kind of hard to believe, isn't it?It doesn't seem so long ago.Anyways, we're not here to talk about that but rather about Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to the 2000 game. Allow me to bring you up to speed: American McGee's Alice depicted a Wonderl...

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    A unique experience but one that repeats itself a tad too much 0

    Alice Madness Returns is a delightfully imaginative journey back to American McGee’s take on the weird and often creepy fantasy world of Wonderland.Although technically a sequel, I found myself easily understanding what was going on fairly quickly despite having never played the original game. A free copy of which comes with new purchases of Madness Returns.Featuring an art aesthetic rarely seen in many modern titles, every character and location brims with personality through visual design. Whi...

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    A by-the-numbers 3D platformer with outstanding art design. 0

    I'll be honest. The reason I bought the game was for the eye candy because I love fantasy and wonderfully impossible scenery. Yeah, I bought the game for the talking fishes, the castles made of giant cards, the flying trains and--yes, that dark hair fluttering majestically in the wind. It's no wonder too, as Alice: Madness Returns is one gorgeous looking game. I don't know how great it is technically, and I don't care. Artistically, this game looks amazing. In that regard, the game succeeds. You...

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    A Beautiful Visual Experience Marred by Repetition 0

    Alice: Madness Returns poses an interesting question – what if the titular character from Alice in Wonderland had mental problems and those mental problems warped the very essence of what Wonderland was?   Would such a fantastical place retain its original form or would it be warped into something barely recognizable?   Of course, this very question is answered in both this game and the original from 2000, showing a twisted and dark version of a world that so many children have been enamored wi...

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    Alice's return is truly mad, but also quite fun. 0

    As a rather large fan of the original American McGee's Alice, I was very happy to hear of its sequel, and moreso that it'd be coming to the PC platform. After many examples of PC games not only shifting their focus to consoles but also neglecting their PC roots entirely, it's good to see that Alice got a proper release on the home computer. It's still a bit console-centric, but for what the game is, that totally works.Madness Returns is definitely a direct --not spiritual-- sequel to the events ...

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    Let the Madness Begin 0

    Alice Madness Returns is the continued dark take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. American McGee continues a story of an insane teenager who is plagued by her corrupted memories, induced by a fire that destroyed her life. Alice Madness Returns displays a wonderfully twisted world that both entices and dissuades gamers at the same time. Alice does this by allowing you to explore a delightfully disturbing world while at the same time forces you to explore a disturbingly repetitive world...

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    Bloody, Scary Wonderland. 0

    It's been 10 years since the original Alice game was introduced to players on the PC, and now it is finally time to help Alice discover the truth about her family's deaths. American Mcgee returns to create a new game for Alice fans, and using the technology of today, he and his team have done a great job of presenting Alice to a new group of players.        Wonderland can be a very dark place, indeed.    In the start of Madness Returns, Alice finds herself in an bind as she attends therapy to he...

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    A breath of fresh air in a world dominated by shooters. 0

    Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to 2000's American McGee's Alice.I understand that Madness Returns takes place some years after the original, which you can play for yourself as you get a code for it with this game which is a nice touch.I only tried the original briefly and while I could still somewhat appreciate it's style despite it's dated visuals, the gameplay was kind of shitty. Fortunately Madness Returns manages to be fun, as well as great to look at.Madness Returns is primarily a...

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    Fun platformer, with really imaginative characters and environmen 0

    Fun platformer, with really imaginative characters and environments. I often stopped just to gaze at the impressive vistas. It has a good story that kept me interested in what had caused Alice's madness and it ended up darker than I expected. The platforming was solid and the controls were very responsive. Aside from some camera issues when locked on to enemies, the combat was pretty fun and more strategic then i expected. You die pretty quickly if you just try to button mash your way through. G...

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    Alice: Madness Returns Review 0

     It's been eleven years since American McGee unleashed his twisted take on Lewis Carrol's classic children's tale. Now, McGee and his crew at Spicy Horse have invited us back for another tea party in Alice: Madness Returns. And while his unique brand of storytelling and artistic vision shine throughout, there are a few bad oysters on the table that keep this sequel from being a feast fit for cabbages and kings.  A Good Worker....    Madness Returns continues the morbid, yet intriguing tale of A...

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    Alice Returns with a Vengeance 0

    Just like Alice herself, Alice: Madness Returns is a beautiful yet flawed game.  Madness Returns picks up years after American McGee’s Alice and while her mental health has improved, her experience with the real world has not.  Now living in London under the care of a psychiatrist, Alice begins to recall previously forgotten details of the night her family died in a house fire. As these memories return, so does her madness.     Gameplay in AMR is primarily platforming with plenty of item ...

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    I see no one has made a review for this game yet so here it goes 0

    Alice: Madness Returns does a great job of giving what the fans of the first game want...a great sequel. I greatly enjoyed the first Alice game 11 years ago and played it countless times, the second is a great addition and a great game but does have its flaws. Starting with the positives the story this time around was very well done, I enjoyed the fact that they explained the past and the times leading up to the beginning of the game. A great way to get new players right into it who never had th...

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    Alice: Madness Returns Review 0

    The long awaited sequel to American McGee's Alice has finally arrived and you will find yourself once again in the shoes of Alice, who is desperately trying to put together what has happened to her past. There are memories locked away, and her family has all perished. Alice will have to return to Wonderland, but there's a nasty new piece to the world that must be fought in order to help Alice regain what she has lost.Graphically the game looks amazing, sure there are a couple of texture issues o...

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    Alice: Madness Returns (Xbox 360) Review 0

    As many iterations and spinoffs that were made from the delightfully bizarre world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, American McGee’s Alice was truly unique at the time. Though the gameplay consisted of little more than awkward platforming, the gothic turn in the art style breathed new life in the notion of video games being art, and brought forth a new age of delightfully darker versions of Wonderland. And now, with Alice: Madness Returns, it brings back that artistic charm ...

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    Quick Review: Alice Madness Returns 0

    Gameplay - 7.0Alice Madness Returns attempts to replicate gameplay found in most 3D Mario and Zelda games, but it lacks in certain key elements that hold the gameplay back. Camera angles constantly change on you, forcing a change in the direction you’re moving. This usually happens at the worst possible moments and often leads to an instant death. At random points your weapon will lockup, or while walking along a path Alice will get hung up on what looks like nothing. Though the game does have d...

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    Alice is back and beautiful. 1

    Ten years ago, long before dark, emo, or gothic were in high fashion, came along an action/adventure, third person hack and slash, platforming shooter game called American McGee’s Alice (AMA).Famously using the quake III engine to new heights AMA, boasted dark atmospheric insane level design the likes of which no one had seen before. Also AMA is arguably the influence on all the permeations we see today of the Dark Wonderland in comics and films.Jump back to the present and we now have : Madness...

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