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    Alice: Otherlands

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    The planned third game in American McGee's Alice franchise.

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    Original Concept

    The original premise of Alice: Otherlands was to be an animated feature film, which was launched as a Kickstarter campaign on July 16, 2013. It successfully met its crowdfunding goal of $222,377 and it took Spicy Horse almost 2 years to complete the project. Susie Brann returned to voice Alice Liddel.

    The Minds of 1875
    The Minds of 1875

    Continuing after Alice: Madness Returns, Alice has gained the ability to master the physical and mental realms in order to defeat her enemies. In this third animated chapter, Alice uses these abilities to travel into the minds of others (hence "Otherlands"). 1875 in London features a rich array of famous minds of the era - Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Jack The Ripper to name a few. Through Alice's eyes, the audience will see the landscape changes based on the mind she inhabits and discovers the beauty and horror that lies within the subconscious.

    Alice: Otherlands features two episodes: Leviathan (Into the mind of Jules Verne) and A Night At The Opera (Into the mind of Richard Wagner) with a runtime of 8 minutes each. The lack of more episodes caused controversies amongst backers and fans, and American defended it saying that it was about getting hands on the film option as opposed to the video game adaptation.

    Future Installment

    The proposed third installment in American McGee's Alice series would see Alice serving as a therapist of sorts and venture into the minds of other tortured souls throughout London to help them conquer their own psychological problems. The game will have a multiplayer component of some sort, but it won't become available until after the single player portion of the game is completed.

    Currently in the planning stages future development is dependent on McGee's ability to reach a deal with EA and fans interest in the series.


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