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    The main character of Valkyrie Profile 2.

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    Alicia is the main character of Valkyrie Profile 2, and the Princess of Dipan. Throughout the game, she will share her body with a Valkyrie named Silmeria, who at times will take complete control of her, leaving Alicia intimidated early on because of the difference in personalities.

    The story begins with a cutscene where Silmeria is telling Alicia to run away from Dipan. An encounter with Hrist (the current Valkyrie) takes place, and a battle erupts. Alicia panics as Hrist delivers the message that Dipan will not be spared because they have defied the Odin, lord of the Gods.

    In terms of a "classes" of which the game goes by, Alicia is classified as a Light Warrior. Much like Lenneth in Valkyrie Profile 1, her Soul Crush "Nibelung Valesti" changes throughout the game, and gets more aesthetically appealing as it changes.


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