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    Alien Assault

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Sep 30, 2009

    A community created freeware game based indirectly on of Space Hulk series.

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     Top-down action strategy game where the player controls a squad of space marines against an alien menace. The squad has persistent stats, have unique names & ranks and sprites reflect damage taken in combat.
    Game play takes place mainly in the corridors of derelict space freights though some stages take place on terrestial locations.
    The installation includes the full game as well as an editor for creating custom scenarios. There is no multiplayer however the player can save a recording of their play through to share with others.   


    Turn-based that alternates between the player and AI (whom controls the Alien forces). Movement and actions are based on action points. When an enemy is encountered the player can expend points to use weaponry (pistol, flamethrower or gatling gun) though constant use increases chance of a malfunction. If the enemry is within range the player can opt to use melee weaponry instead though in CQC the aliens have an overwhelming advantage.


    Originally a community developed version of the Space Hulk , the developers requested and obtained permissions from THQ whom are the current license holder. However this was later reversed and a Cease & Desist was issued. In order to see the game released the developers made slight changes to the assets and changed the name to 'Alien Assault'. Despite the changes the play style and ruleset are the same as the boardgame.

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