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 Alien Olympics is a sci-fi themed Olympics game. Alien Olympics was released on both the PC and the Game Boy. There are fifteen different events that can be competed in. 


  • Wall Jumping - Wall Jumping is pretty much the same thing as the High Jump event.
  • Lizard Leap - Lizard Leap is essentially the Pole Vault event.
  • Jetpack Tag - Jetpack Tag is a mini game that is much like Asteroids.
  • Laser Skeet I - Laser Skeet I is a target shooting event.
  • Laser Skeet II - Laser Skeet II is a harder version of Laser Skeet I.
  • Alien Hurl - An event in which the player must throw an alien with a giant robot.
  • Survival - A maze game, much like Pac-Man.
  • Saber Launch - Saber Launch is essentially the Javenlin Throw event.
  • Flob Flop - Flob Flop is essentially the Shot-Put Event.
  • Toxophilly - Toxophilly is an archery like event.
  • Lunge Leap Splat - Lunge Leap Splat is essentially the Triple Jump Event.
  • The Big Bounce - The Big Bounce is a Long Jump Event.
  • Laser Leaping - Laser Leaping is a Hurdles Race.
  • 50 Qbit Dash - The 50 Qbit Dash is a racing event.
  • 200 Qbit Splurge - The 200 Qbit Splurge is another racing event.

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