Do you wanna play alien swarm first person style?

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Or maybe have random alien spawns..... 
 Thanks to Shrimpsess of the steam forums  
You can! 

  The Commands

These are useful commands to enhance your alien swarm experience. You use these by entering them into the developers console. To do this, go to options, keyboard/mouse, and checkmark enable developer's console. The default key is the ~ key.

To make these commands automatic so you no longer have to enter them every time you start up the game, you must create an autoexec file in: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\alien swarm\swarm\cfg

Create a file in notepad named "autoexec.cfg" (Include the quotation marks when you save it under saveas!) Place any console commands you want to be entered within that file. Alternatively, try placing them in the newmapsettings.cfg file in the cfg folder.

Client Side Commands

asw_auto_reload 0 

Disables the auto reload.

mat_grain_scale_override 0

Removes the grain effect on the screen.

asw_camera_shake 0

Removes the camera shake effect when hit by an enemy.

asw_fast_reload_under_marine 1

Places a fast reload bar under your actual marine so you don't need to look in the corner to time your reload. Or rely on the poor cursor fast reload bar.


Change the flare colors.

exec 360_controller_pc.cfg

enables Xbox 360 controller support. See also WildBill's modified configuration. Courtesy shackanaw

asw_hide_marine 1
asw_controls 0

First one enables firstperson mode, second one hides your marine so you can see, third one changes the camera controls to be more FPS like.


"This command allows you to pick a custom .mp3 or .wav to play during adrenaline. It even brings up a little menu to pick the file, like for when choosing sprays in other Source games." - Courtesy BobX Note: Problems have been reported.


Opens server browser. Courtesy shackanaw

bind <key> "cl_emote 6"

"Will bind the old good Anime Smiley to the key of your choice." Courtesy NoData on the BCG forums.

cl_emote x

"Where X=
0 - Medic call
1 - Need Ammo
2 - Regular Smiley
3 - Stop
4 - Go
5 - Be careful
6 - Anime Smiley
7 - Ready?

cl_emote with anything not defined will result in an anime smiley"

Courtesy Warskull on the BCG forums.

For classic AS fans:

mp_friendlyfire 1
asw_marine_ff_absorption 0 (classic ff damage makes a return)
asw_marine_ff 0 (weapon lock/anti TK Guard mode[!!!]) or 1 (default; Guard off)
asw_marine_ff_guard_time 5.0 (Weapon lock time in seconds; default value. Set to desired duration, or make it indefinite for Moses.)
asw_sentry_friendly_fire_scale 1 (Sentries damage and kill players who get in the way)
asw_weapon_safety_hull 0 (Default; dictates how willing AI is to shoot you to get at Swarm. May or may not make Sentries decide to not kill you if you're in the way, a very valuable fix for the Flamer Sentry if so. Play with the numbers and post your results!)

Note: Some of these do not work in multiplayer.

Courtesy Stein from the blackcatgames forum.

Server Side Commands

asw_custom_skill_points 1

If used before people connect to the game, the host is allowed to spend points on the Marines' stats. Disclaimer: Not really supported or well balances, use at own risk.

asw_ignore_need_two_player_requirement 1

Game will ignore the two player requirement. In other words, you can go rambo.

asw_horde_override 1 

Enables an AI director like in L4D.

asw_horde_class asw_parasite

Enables the AI director to spawn parasites (scary!)

asw_show_all_singleplayer_maps 1

Enables mission chapter selection in singleplayer. Courtesy r_0_1_3.

asw_cam_marine_dist XXX (default 412)

Set camera distance. 

asw_cam_marine_pitch XX (default 60, 0 on the floor, 90 directly above)

Set camera angle

asw_cam_marine_shift_enable X (1 for on, 0 for off, if you put your cursor toward the edge of the screen the game will let you see further that direction)

Enable/disable screen shift.

asw_cam_marine_shift_maxx XXX (default 300)
asw_cam_marine_shift_maxy XXX (default 200)

"Set screen shift distance (note, two different variable for both planes, top-bottom and left-right)" - Camera commands courtesy moo422

sv_cheats 1


Used to open the tile generation map editor. Courtesy Man of Hunts


Self explanatory.

Split screen commands discussion located here.

Immense amount of commands can be found here:

Courtesy arcalane from the BCG forums.

More will be added as they are suggested.

Note: These settings are overriden by the newmapsettings.cfg file:

mat_motion_blur_enabled 0
mat_grain_enable 1
mat_grain_scale_override 1.5
mat_local_contrast_enable 1
ai_no_steer 1

crosshair 1
r_flashlight_topdown 1
r_flashlightscissor 0
fx_glass_velocity_cap 600
cam_idealyaw 0
cam_idealpitch 90
cam_idealdist 412
fov_desired 75
c_maxpitch 360
c_maxdistance 1000
cl_retire_low_priority_lights 1
cl_interp_ratio 2    

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Dang, crazy. My computer struggles to run this on the lowest of settings though. I'm sad.

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asw_fast_reload_under_marine 1 should be default. With that enabled you actually use active reload.

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