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    This strategy game for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC is based on the original Alien movie.

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    Unlike Alien for the Atari 2600, Alien for the home computers was a full fledged Alien experience that takes gamers back to the Nostromo spaceship and face the menace of the xenomorph is the same fashion as the original movie did.
    There are two types of games. 
    The first is the "Short Game" that has the player start with the remaining three crew members Ripley, Parker and Lambert, just like in the start of the last 30 minutes of the film, and you must get rid of the xenomorph by either blowing it to space via an airlock or leave it in the Nostromo with the self-destruct mechanism activated and escape in the Narcissus lifeboat (along with Jones the cat captured inside a catbox). It's possible to attack the alien and even kill it but doing so with the speargun will kill the crew member holding it too. The alien traverses the airducts and rooms of the spaceship, opening grilles to allow easier access to the crew.
    The second game is the "Long Game" which has a chestburster erupt from a random crew member's chest, and an android, it too assigned randomly to a member. From there, the player can guess who the android is and put it into hypersleep or eject it through an airlock before it goes mad like Ash in the film and starts killing everybody. At the same time measures must be taken to contain the Alien and get rid of it like in the short game.
    The game was favourably received at the time of its release for its resemblace to the movie experience, as well as tense atmosphere composed solely of sound effects.

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