A Six Month Wait After AvP3

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Sega's Mike Hayes has spoken about the release date of Gearbox's Aliens:CM's:

I think the detail of that [release date] is probably still too early. What I would say is it's unlikely that we'd launch anything within six months [after Aliens vs. Predator], but probably nine months, eight to 12 months possibly. Though we literally are looking at that at the moment and a lot of is going to depend, as well, on how successful AvP is at the box [retail]. 

 - Mike Hayes
I suppose this is to be expected.
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i want Gearbox's Aliens game more then Rebellion's

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Gearbox's Randy Pitchford -  MCV Interview: 
 What comes next? 
"Borderlands took over Gearbox. We had so much fun working on that and when we finished we wanted to carry on and the DLC we've launched, two so far and a third to come which take us to a new level in every way. We had this idea of, instead of increasing the level cap from 50 to 60, we'll increase it by 11 to 61. It goes up to 11.

Also, we have an Aliens game with Sega and 20th Century Fox which we're really excited about. The thing I've been stealing from all my career, now I'm really working on it, but we've been quiet about that so far. There are also things we haven't announced."


Full interview here: 
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@Linkyshinks: I totally forgot Gearbox was doing this game, That is awesome with a truly talented team behind it the game should be fantastic. Randy is awesome I wish more developers had team leads like that duder.
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Why couldn't they have just had Gearbox do the AvP game? Playing as a marine is dull, we want Predators dammit!
Still I think seeing Gearbox head this project rather than Rebellion is a good idea for sure!

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No Predators? :/ 

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This is a step in the right direction for the series. Rebellion looks like they can barely handle a modern console, with the last two flops they've shat out. Gearbox can do this pretty well, I can actually look forward to this now, and maybe they should do a proper AvP game too, if this works out.

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After AvP, I hope it's a 12 month wait quite frankly ^^ .... 
After Gearbox's continued work and focus on Borderlands, I'd be happy if it comes out in 2011 Q3.  
This game was always going to be better (early screens tell you as much), Gearbox's expertise in FPS and most notably in tactical shooters, gained from their experience working on BiA, will bare fruit in this game. It's a recipe for something wonderful, if it's not rushed. I need a quality Aliens game, something glossy that oozes quality in every aspect of it's design..It's sad that fans continue to wait for the big Aliens game that this generation of gaming deserves. 

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Totally forgot about this. 
Hope it's better then Rebellion's recent outing. This is Gearbox, afterall. They've proven they can do a great FPS game with Borderlands.Hopefully they can get the atmosphere and gore down (mostly worried about the atmosphere.)
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Yay, cant wait for this :D

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pretty sure like 2 drops of pee came out.

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