Horde mode coming as paid DLC in March

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"Scheduled for March 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines’ first additional content pack, “Bug Hunt” will throw players into an all-new multiplayer mode where they have to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies in three brand new maps based on environments from the ALIENS film."

On one hand, I really like horde mode when it's done well. On the other hand, it seems like since it was introduced as part of the game in Gears 2, developers have decided to make it a fairly big ticket DLC item ($10 outside of the Season Pass in this case). For $10, DLC with JUST horde mode and a few levels for it seems like a tough pill to swallow. I've already pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game on Steam and was toying with the idea of picking up the Season Pass, but now I want to see how much content the other 3 DLC packs included in it have. If the Season Pass hits $20 on GMG or something, I may snag it anyway though, we'll see.


Actually, looks like the Season pass is $20.25 on GMG right now w/ a 25% off code they're offering. I had $10 in credit from buying Dead Space, so went ahead and snagged it. They also have the game itself for $37.50 right now.

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I thought this was on disc content?

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I'll wait for this game to be 75% off on Steam next sale.

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That's a bummer, especially since (unless I'm mistaken) AvP started Horde mode with its Survivor mode. Really would've liked that included in the retail price.

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I really hope this game is good but after watching the ign stream, I'm doubtful

EDIT: Hey I was right!!..... and that kinda sucks

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Season pass for an AvP game?

This is out of control!

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I hope you were able to get your money back after seeing the QL and review :/

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@rafaelfc said:

Season pass for an AvP game?

This is out of control!

At 30 bucks no less. You could just get a better game for that price.

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