achievement glitch

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well i was playing the Predator campaign, and at the end of the last mission (Pyramid) i kept dying, but after i died a few times, i got the achievement "Welcome to the Party" which ur supposed to get when u reach 6000 EXP on Ranked Matches, and i havent even gotten close to 6000, i was around 2500 (i pretty sure its around there), so i was like "wtf?" i went did a ranked match, and when it showed my EXP at the end of hte game, it was exactly 6000 lmao, though my rank was still at 25 like normal
just wondering if any of you guys encountered any glitches like this
when i checked my skins i had 1 skin unlocked, a Predator one (Wolf), hopefully the whole ranking up/unlocking skins process stays normal, would suck if i cant unlock anything, i still need Marine: Rookie and Van Zandt, for Alien: Nethead, and for Predator: Hunter (i think its called that cant remember) and Lord? (not sure on the pred names, but i know i need 2 more)

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its a nice bug in the game. 
start xbox live game -> ranked game and while waiting for players to join ya just quit. 
Go back to single player campaign and play to yer hearts delight. as you gain xp while killin stupid AI.. 

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@Nophex: wow, i cant believe the developers missed that haha
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Ah, I was wondering why this happened. That's a pretty bad bug, tbh.

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