Steam AVP?

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#1 Posted by TheDeadComedian (324 posts) -

I (unfortunately according to reviews) preordered this game, downloaded it and now am trying to play. The thing is, it aint launching cuz of steam servers being busy. I waited and now its downloading an update at 600 kb/s and it says that there are 3 hrs left in the update, this doesnt seem right.

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#2 Posted by Hamst3r (5254 posts) -

Sounds like the initial download ended prematurely and now it's getting the rest.

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#3 Posted by Shirogane (3630 posts) -

My steam says it's out now, at the top on the main page. But in the coming soon section, AvP is out on the 20th. I'm assuming it's the whole Australia getting shafted again. It's also listed twice for some odd reason, normal edition, no special thing or anything.
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#4 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Damn man, almost all the aspects (including issues like this) have really put me off this game. A shame really considering I'm a big fan of the series :(

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