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    Alkonost is an ice giant located in the Dakka System of the Nubian expanse.

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    Alkonost is a standard ice giant planet with an atmosphere composed mostly of methane-ammonia.  With its exceptionally strong magnetic field, Alkonost is a perfect place for nearby starships to discharge their drives.
    Orbital Distance: 2.47 AU
    Orbital Period: 3.9 EY (Earth Years)
    Radius: 17,946 km
    Day Length: 18.8 EH (Earth Hours)
    Atmosphere Pressure: N/A
    Surface Temperature: N/A
    Surface Gravity: N/A
    Mass: N/A
    Moons: N/A

    Mineral Deposits

    Due to its planet status, Alkonost has only relatively moderate amounts of minerals, with an even amount of Palladium, Platinum and Iridium scattered across the planet.
    Palladium: 5,400
    Platinum: 7,100
    Iridium: 5,900
    Element Zero: 0

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