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    All-Pro Football 2K8

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 16, 2007

    Visual Concepts returns to the gridiron with the greatest football players of all-time taking the field once again in All-Pro Football 2K8.

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    All-Pro Football 2K8, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, was released on July 16, 2007 for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The developers at Visual Concepts had previously worked on their NFL 2K football games until 2005 when Electronic Arts acquired the exclusive rights to publish NFL content. After a couple year hiatus the 2K football team returned with a new idea. Knowing that they couldn't use any of the current NFL content or player likenesses Visual Concepts and 2K Sports decided to go in a new direction by signing the NFLPA's respective Hall-of-Fame to be in the game.

    The game starts off by having the player create their own team. While creating their team the player gets to customize many attributes including uniforms, team logo, stadium design, and the team's name. After creating the team, the player is then sent to a legend selection screen. The legends are split up into three tiers, gold, silver, and bronze. You are however limited to only two gold, three silver, and six bronze legends per team. All of the non-legend players on your team are automatically filled in by fictional characters.


    APF 2K8 featured gameplay that was very similar to that of its predecessor, ESPN NFL 2K5. The physics engine received a notable upgrade, featuring more fluid motion between animations, and improvements in model collision where now players would slide their arms past or move their foot over another player rather than clipping through them. With the exception of the Xbox 360's bumper integration, controls stayed exactly the same from 2K5.

    A noticeable change in the mechanics were in regards to turnovers. The frequency of user-induced interceptions and fumbles dropped substantially from that of 2K5, while the frequency of blocked field goals increased.


    The visual presentation of APF 2K8 was greatly improved over NFL 2K5, featuring higher polygon-count models, enhanced facial animations and much more elaborate stadiums.

    In-game announcers stayed the same from NFL 2K5 (Dan Stevens & Peter O'Keefe), and many recorded lines from 2K5 were reused in APF 2K8. Without the ESPN license, Chris Berman was removed from commenting on half-time and post-game highlight reels, and instead the commentary was replaced by the in-game announcers.

    APF 2K8 suffers from graphical glitches, such as players seemingly bending their legs at the knee to a 90° degree angle and then proceeding to float a few feet above the ground over players who are lying down in their path. The game also re-renders all plays during highlights and during many post-game highlight reels the coaches can be seen standing in the middle of the highlighted plays as if they were shaking hands after the game.

    With Electronic Arts holding the publishing rights to NFL-related content, there has been much support of development for unofficial roster updates using NFL characters in APF 2K8. These updates consist of many attributes of actual NFL content, including player names, likenesses, attributes, jerseys and team names. The updates are created by creating a game save on the Xbox 360 in-game, then transferring that save to a computer, using a complex hex-editor to manipulate the game content, and then the save is transferred back to the Xbox 360 hard drive.


    2K Sports has licensed over 240 retired NFL legends for All-Pro Football 2K8. These legends are as follows:


    • Troy Aikman
    • Sammy Baugh
    • John Elway
    • Otto Graham
    • Dan Marino
    • Joe Montana
    • Warren Moon
    • Roger Staubach
    • Johnny Unitas
    • Steve Young
    • Randall Cunningham
    • Len Dawson
    • Archie Manning
    • Ken Stabler
    • Bart Starr
    • Joe Theismann
    • Steve Bartkowski
    • Bubby Brister
    • John Brodie
    • Lynn Dickey
    • Steve Grogan
    • Jim Harbaugh
    • Jim Hart
    • Bobby Hebert
    • Jeff Hostetler
    • Tommy Kramer
    • Dave Krieg
    • Bernie Kosar
    • Greg Landry
    • Ken O'Brien
    • Neil O'Donnell
    • Mark Rypien
    • Bill Wade
    • Andre Ware
    • Jim Zorn

    Running Backs

    • Earl Campbell
    • Roger Craig
    • Lenny Moore
    • Walter Payton
    • Barry Sanders
    • Thurman Thomas
    • O.J. Simpson
    • Gale Sayers
    • Emmitt Smith
    • Marcus Allen
    • Christian Okoye
    • Curt Warner
    • Paul Hornung
    • Merril Hodge
    • Natrone Means
    • Dave Meggett
    • Joe Perry
    • Barry Foster
    • Hugh McElhenny
    • Billy Sims
    • Greg Bell
    • Chuck Foreman
    • Mike Rozier
    • Matt Snell
    • Chuck Muncie
    • Tom Rathman
    • Tony Canadeo
    • Reggie Cobb
    • Ricky Watters
    • Ickey Woods
    • Eric Bieniemy
    • Floyd Little
    • Freeman McNeil
    • George McAfee
    • Abner Haynes
    • Charley Trippi

    Wide Recievers/Tight Ends

    • Irving Fryar
    • Herman Moore
    • Drew Pearson
    • Andre Reed
    • Jerry Rice
    • Fred Biletnikoff
    • Dwight Clark
    • Willie Gault
    • Raghib Ismail
    • Wesley Walker
    • Alvin Harper
    • Gary Clark
    • Don Maynard
    • Tony Martin
    • Ernest Givins
    • Henry Ellard
    • Ricky Sanders
    • John Taylor
    • Charley Taylor
    • Yancey Thigpen
    • Rob Moore
    • Rick Upchurch
    • Steve Tasker
    • Mike Ditka
    • Ben Coates
    • John Jefferson
    • Troy Drayton
    • Keith Jackson
    • Anthony Carter
    • James Lofton
    • Todd Christensen
    • Brent Jones
    • Raymond Berry
    • Dave Casper
    • Billy Joe Dupree
    • Bobby Mitchell
    • Don Hutson
    • Cliff Branch

    Offensive Linemen

    • Anthony Munoz
    • Steve Wisniewski
    • Tom Mack
    • Dwight Stephenson
    • Guy McIntyre
    • Jim Parker
    • Jesse Sapolu
    • Randall McDaniel
    • Tony Boselli
    • Bill Curry
    • Russ Grimm
    • Joe Jacoby
    • Roosevelt Brown
    • Lou Creekmur
    • Dermontti Dawson
    • Joe DeLamielleure
    • Ron Mix
    • Jim Otto
    • Mick Tinglehoff
    • Bill Fralic
    • Jim Langer
    • Larry Little
    • Randall McDaniel
    • Randy Cross
    • Stan Jones
    • Bob St. Clair
    • Bob Brown
    • Bubba Paris
    • Jim Lachey
    • Korey Stringer
    • Richmond Webb
    • Rayfield Wright
    • Ron Yary


    • Brian Bosworth
    • Nick Buoniconti
    • Dick Butkus
    • Mike Singletary
    • Derrick Thomas
    • Chris Spielman
    • Chuck bednarik
    • Lamar Lathon
    • Carl Banks
    • Pepper Johnson
    • Ken Norton Jr.
    • Gary Plummer
    • Scott Studwell
    • Otis Wilson
    • John Offerdahl
    • Brad Van Pelt
    • Dave Wilcox
    • Jessie Tuggle
    • Harry Carson
    • Brian Jones
    • Chuck Noll
    • Joe Schmidt
    • Greg Lloyd
    • John Anderson
    • Karl Mecklenburg
    • Robert Brazile
    • Jack Lambert

    Defensive Linemen

    • Reggie White
    • Dexter Manley
    • Deacon Jones
    • Rayfield Wright
    • Leon Lett
    • Bryce Paup
    • Dan Saleaumua
    • Harvey Martin
    • Mike Golic
    • Marty Lyons
    • L.C. Greenwood
    • Too Tall Jones
    • Rulon Jones
    • Dan Hampton
    • Dave Butz
    • Lee Roy Selman
    • Elvin Bethea
    • Leslie O'Neal
    • Randy White
    • Jack Youngblood
    • Tony Tolbert
    • Jerome Brown
    • Gino Marchetti
    • Keith Millard
    • Dante Lavelli
    • Chris Doleman
    • William Perry
    • Art Donovan
    • Clyde Simmons
    • Jim Marshall
    • Leonard Marshall
    • Bob Lilly
    • Greg Kragen
    • Pete Pihos
    • Mark Gastineau

    Defensive Backs

    • Lem Barney
    • Joey Browner
    • Willie Wood
    • Lester hayes
    • Terry McDaniel
    • Jack Tatum
    • Mark Carrier
    • Ronnie Lott
    • Willie Brown
    • Nolan Cromwell
    • Eric Turner
    • Roger Wehrli
    • Mel Renfro
    • Night Train Lane
    • Rod Woodson
    • Albert Lewis
    • Mike Haynes
    • Deron Cherry
    • Tom Brookshier
    • Cliff Harris
    • Eugene Robinson
    • LeRoy Butler
    • Solomon Wilcots
    • Charlie Waters
    • Dick Anderson
    • Fred Marion
    • George McAfee


    • Al Del Greco
    • Jan Stenerud
    • Lou Groza
    • Jim Bakken
    • Ray Guy
    • Eddie Murray
    • Jeff Jaeger

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    All Pro Football 2K8 requires 3.7GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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