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    Allen Iverson

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    Allen Iverson is an NBA Hall of Famer and 11 time All-Star. Not only does he play basketball, but also has produced a rap CD under the name "Jewelz". He has also appeared in numerous Basketball games.

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    Allen Iverson:

    Allen Iverson played 14 seasons in the NBA. He was the 2001 season MVP, an All-Star 11 times, and entered the NBA Hall of Fame in 2016.

    Early Life:

    Allen didn’t start off his life to well. After his short stint as a football player on his high school team, he ran into troubles with the law. On a February night in 1993, Iverson and his buddies were part of an altercation with a group of Caucasians at a bowling alley, and Iverson was charged with maiming a person.

    Allen’s First Season:

    Legendary coach John Thompson returned to Allen’s high school to offer Allen a scholarship, to which Allen eagerly accepted on few terms.

    Iverson faired extremely well as he won numerous awards and titles, like Leading scorer of the Georgetown Hoyas and Leading USA Scorer. It was certain the Iverson had a ton of potential.

    NBA Time:

    After Allen had played with the Hoyas for two seasons, he knew he was ready for the NBA. In 1996, Allen was picked first overall by the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Rookie Years and beyond:

    In his rookie season, Allen Iverson lead 76ers in points, assists and minutes, going on to win the rookie of the year award. But things were just heating up for him, as he went on to average over 25 points a game and leading the 76ers to great victories.

    In his 3rd season as a 76er, he averaged 28.4 points, and lead his team with 26.4 points per game in the playoffs. While his team didn’t make it to the Finals, he was the only person besides Shaquille O’Neal to receive a MVP vote.

    Most Valuable Player:

    In the 2000 season, Allen started the 76ers off with a good start, winning 10 straight games, and was named a starter in the 2001 All-Star Game. With him on the 76ersn they became the Eastern side’s best NBA team, with a 56-26 record. It was this season he had his career high average of 31.1 ppg, thus winning his 2 NBA scoring title, and nabbing the NBA steals title. Iverson was named NBA Most Valuable Player for these prolific accomplishments.

    The 76ers went on to the 2001 NBA Finals against then champions the LA Lakers. This was the best seasons the 76ers has since 1983, when they won the NBA Championship.

    Don’t call me a 76er no more:

    After Allens best season ever, his stats started to decline. He was a 76er until 2006, when he was traded to the Denver Nuggets. On the Nuggets already was Carmelo Anthony, the league's leading scorer, Iverson being right behind him.

    Iverson was then traded to the Detroit Piston, then to the Memphis Grizzlies, before ending his career back with the 76ers.


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